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2013 LibQUAL+ survey responses
You spoke, we listened.

Computers & Equipment

What you said:

What we're doing:

Can you monitor computer use? Some people use the computers for non-academic purposes.

Short answer: No we can’t.

Long answer: Even if we had the staff to patrol and monitor computer use, it is extremely difficult to assess whether the use is academic or not. Not to mention that closely monitoring students while they are using the computers presents a whole host of privacy and ethical concerns.

People use technology in different ways and all programs have assignments that are unique to their discipline. Using a library computer to watch a Hitchcock movie may look like non-academic computer use to a chemistry student, but to a film history student it is academic work.

Can we get one or two PCs with a floppy disk drive?

Unfortunately not. Floppy disk drives are obsolete. We are open to exploring options of moving this type of data to other media types where possible, but for the moment, we have a limited computer budget and cannot afford to invest in and maintain computers with floppy disk drives.

New computers please!

They take so long to start up!

Keyboard and mouse are run down.

Done! Shortly after the LibQual survey, we updated the operating system of the library computers. This has hopefully resolved some of the speed issues.

If you come across a computer with a broken mouse or keyboard, please report it to one of the service desks so we can make sure it gets repaired or replaced.

Webster needs more express workstations!

Webster needs more computer workstations!

We need more computers on every floor!

More iPads please!

We need more laptops! I often need to borrow one and they are tough to get.

The Webster renovation plans include adding more computer workstations to each floor of the library. Unfortunately until those renovations have been completed, we will not be increasing our number of computer workstations because we do not have money in our equipment budget for more computers, laptops or tablets.

Why can't Vanier have the nicer laptops like they have a Webster?

Done! The Vanier Library now has new laptops!

Can you provide laptops with VGA ports? I needed one to hook up to a projector for a presentation.

Newer model laptops have HDMI cables instead of VGA ports so we are looking into loaning VGA-HDMI adaptors for those who need laptops for presentations.

Why can’t you provide us with book scanners like McGill?

We need more scanners and computers with photoshop.

We would also like to have book scanners but at the moment there is no money for extra equipment like that. We will place this on our wish list if funds do become available.

We should also add that alongside the Webster Renovation plans. We will be examining technology in the library and new scanners will be included in that analysis.

More staplers! Everywhere! On each floor!

Individually, staplers aren’t that expensive. However if you have ever witnessed someone trying to repair a broken backpack with a library stapler, you would understand that academic staplers have a very short lifespan and the replacement costs add up quickly.

For more details on the lifespan of library staplers check out this blog:

The Lives and Deaths of Academic Library Staplers

Improve the wifi! Sometimes it is fine, but other times it is hard to maintain the connection and can be super slow.

In progress. The wi-fi is maintained by Concordia IT Services. We met with them in Fall 2013 and they have an action plan they will put in place to improve wireless access. They are currently testing new technology in other buildings and if it is successful they might be able to deploy the same technology in the Webster Library during the renovations.

Lend some of the iPads for 3 or 6 hours. When all of them go out for 3 days and it means that there are never any available!

With the number of tablets we currently have, this loan period provides the best balance in making computer equipment available to students. Our laptops are small and light and we suggest that you consider borrowing one of them instead when you need a computer for a short period of time.

Can there be someone available to answer technical questions?

The staff at the service desks should be able to help you with any technical questions. If they are fairly complex the staff will call a technician to help.

There needs to be more electrical outlets at both Vanier and Webster. There should be at least one or even two per seat!

The electrical outlets don’t always work! I have used several study cubical and had my computer die because the outlet wasn’t working properly

We have devoted considerable funds to adding and improving access to electrical outlets. More will also be added when the Webster Library is renovated.

If you ever notice that an electrical outlet isn’t working, please report it to one of the service desks so we can investigate and have it repaired as needed.

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