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2013 LibQUAL+ survey responses
You spoke, we listened.

Study Spaces & Noise

What you said:

What we're doing:

Not enough individual study space!

Not enough group study rooms!

Is there any way to create a place to study outside of the library?!?

The library is so drab looking!

The atmosphere is horrendous at Vanier.

In progress. 300 individual study seats and 15 group study rooms to open in September 2014 in the Grey Nuns property.

There is also a major renovation planned for Webster Library, to be carried out between 2014-2017. This will increase the number and condition of study spaces.

After Webster renovations are complete in 2017 we will begin to assess our options for a renovation at Vanier.

It’s way too loud! No one respects the orange/blue zone rules.

In progress. We are hoping the opening of the Grey Nuns and planned renovations of Webster Library will improve the study conditions, but in the meantime we have hired additional staff to patrol the study zones.

We want study space that is just for graduate and PhD students.

Done! At the moment there is a Graduate Study Room at each library. You need to register for them at the Circulation Desk with your student ID card.

There is also a new grad-only space in the renovation plans for Webster Library.

Can we get laptop free zones? The clicking of people typing is distracting.

In progress. At the moment we do not have the space to create such a zone, nor the staff to enforce it. There is such a zone in the Webster Renovation plans.

The space gets so messy on weekends, the bathrooms are always a disaster and the computers are dirty.

This is one of the drawbacks of having our building accessible 24 hours. We increased cleaning when we opened the libraries 24/7 but in an attempt to not disturb student while they are studying, the cleaning staff cannot properly clean the library. If at any point there is an area that is unacceptable, please report it at one of our service desks.

The library should work with other groups on campus to host lectures.

Unfortunately we currently do not have the classroom space within the library to host lectures. There are several places around campus that do host lectures series. Here are a few that are happening during the Winter 2014 semester:

Coffee machines in the Vanier library.

Café in the lobby of the Vanier library.

Food areas! We need a place to eat and take a break when we have been studying all day.

There has been discussion from groups outside the library about starting a student-run café on the Loyola campus in the Hive. This space is directly linked with the Vanier Library so you will not have to go far to get your coffee.

As for food areas, at the Vanier Library there is an eating area for quick snacks and lunches on the staircase landing area of the 2nd and 3rd floor. At Webster there is a small snack counter on the staircase landing just outside the main entrance gate.

Is there any way to add a greenhouse or sun room? Natural light is so important.

This is definitely a proposal to consider for Vanier. In the meantime you can visit the Concordia Greenhouse on the 13th floor of the Hall Building.

Can we get some comfy seating? A couch or two maybe. . .

Done! We’ve added a few at the entrance of the Webster Library.

Longer service hours in the summer!

Please stay open for 24 hours in the summer semesters.

Summer is our slowest time of year for obvious reasons and the fact of the matter is that there just aren’t enough students using the library in the summer to justify the expense of keeping the services desks and library open longer. As a compromise, during the summer semester the library is open 24 hours for the exam periods.

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