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Call for proposals for public art

Project Description

To celebrate the Library’s recent renovation, the Concordia Library is looking for creative members of the Concordia community -- designers, scientists, engineers, creatives, artist groups, etc. -- to create an audiovisual or visual piece to display on the Visualization Studio’s interactive wall. The commission piece will mark the launch of the Visualization Studio and will be used to showcase the potential of the studio and its interactive wall. The selected work will also be presented to a passing audience.

Artwork on the Visualization Studio’s interactive wall can function as a form of communication to an audience in transit through the Library, with the goal of creating a vibrant and interesting environment.

Successful content submissions must be innovative in design and engaging. Submissions that are interactive, playful and immersive are encouraged.

Selected submissions will be used to showcase the space as one of the main demo pieces in the Visualization Studio, and will be displayed on the interactive wall outside of work hours and when the studio is not in use.

This means that submissions must be first and foremost functional as standalones without any technical supervision, and must run from the graphical workstation, which is the main computer in the Visualization Studio. Pieces can be augmented with VR, interactivity and sensors, but must remain functional as a plug-and-play function so they can be put on display and occupy the whole wall when the studio is locked.

Applicants whose work is selected will be asked to showcase a prototype in January 2018. The final piece must be operational by March 2018.

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