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How to use Colombo (Interlibrary Loans)

How to request an article

how to request an article with advanced search
  1. If you have an ISSN, change the drop down menu to the appropriate field and enter it – no  other information will be necessary – go to step 3.
  2. If you do not have an ISSN, enter the title of the journal in quotes, but NOT the title of the article.
  3. Pick the profile that best fits your search – this comprises a group of institutions whose collections will be queried when you click “search” – “Suggested verification sources [shared]” is recommended  (includes major national research collections and some large US collections).
  4. Click on “Search”
how to request an article - search results
  1. To view the full record for a journal click on the title or on “details”. To get back to the list of results click on “Search Results”.
  2. Choose the record that best describes the item you are looking for – there may be more than one record that answers your need, just choose one. Click on “Get it”.

    HINT: do not worry about the location (i.e “collection”) as the item may not be requested from the library that is identified. This step is only to confirm the identity of the journal that you are seeking.

  3. If you get a long list of results, you can have them sorted by relevance by clicking on “Show Best Results”.
  4. To redo your search click on “Advanced Search”.
  5. If no titles match what you need, click on Create Request and fill the appropriate form.
how to request an article - making your request

how to request an article - making your request part 2
  1. By default a request for an article is a “copy” request. You will receive a paper copy of the article.
  2. Add citation information identifying the article you need. Only one article per request.
  3. Optionally, you can specify a date after which the item will no longer be needed. Note: if not filled, your request will automatically be cancelled after this date.
  4. The “Holdings” section of the request, containing location info, may be quite detailed.  You can ignore this.
  5. Specify your pickup location – Webster (downtown campus) or Vanier (Loyola campus) Library.
  6. Click on Request.
  7. The next screen will confirm your request and will include an ILL/request number with which you can track your request.
Updated: Wednesday 16 September 2020
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