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How to use Colombo (Interlibrary Loans)

Create request: When advanced search fails

when advanced search fails - create a request

when advanced search fails - create a request form
  1. To manually fill a form with the information about the item you want to request click “Create Request”. Note: you do not need to identify a location for your item.
  2. Choose the format of the item you will be requesting from the drop down menu. Note: ILL can only obtain hardcopy formats (example: ebooks cannot be borrowed via Colombo).
  3. Service type “Loan” leads to the loan of an item (ex: book), whereas service type “Copy” leads to receiving a copy of an item that does not need to be returned. Note: copies are only available for parts of items, ex: one article from a journal, one chapter from a book.
  4. Fill the form with as much information as you have about the item.
  5. Optionally, you can specify a date after which the item will no longer be needed. Note: if not filled, your request will automatically be cancelled after this date.
  6. Include any additional information in the “Special Instructions” text box.
  7. Specify your pickup location – Webster (downtown campus) or Vanier (Loyola campus) Library.
  8. Click on Request.
  9. The next screen will confirm your request and will include an ILL/request number with which you can track your request.
Updated: Wednesday 16 September 2020
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