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Temporary move of books from LB-4 to offsite storage

Which books are in storage?

  • Webster Library books with call numbers: H through QA 76.79. This represents 430,000 volumes.
  • The books include subjects from the following disciplines:
    • Cinema, computer science, economics, education, finance, fine arts, languages, law, literature, management, mathematics, music, political science, sociology
  • Webster Library oversized books will be placed in storage. These approximately 3000 volumes will include call numbers from: A through Z.
  • New books purchased for Webster Library in these call number ranges (H through QA 76.79) while the Webster 4th floor (LB-4) is being renovated will be shelved at the Vanier Library on the Loyola campus.
page last updated on: Wednesday 9 August 2017
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