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Connect with a netname

Simply enter your netname and password (the same that you use for MyConcordia) to access resources from off-campus. For assistance, go to Concordia IT Services' page on netname account management.

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Connect using the Concordia VPN

Concordia's Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an alternative to authenticating with a netname or Library PIN. This allows you to access resources that may otherwise only be accessible in the library. Nonetheless, some databases still require netname or Library PIN authentication as do library services such as My Library Account, Article Delivery, and COLOMBO (Interlibrary Loans).

NOTE: Concordia IT Services is responsible for the VPN.

For help, contact the IT Service Desk.

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Connect with a library PIN

You may alternatively log in with the Library Barcode and PIN option. This is the only method for non-Concordia users to access their record. Enter:

  • Your first or last name as it appears on your Concordia University ID card
  • The 14-digit barcode number that appears on your Concordia University ID card
  • Your Library PIN

If you are a student, you must be registered in a credit-bearing course in order to access our resources from off-campus.

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Here are possible solutions to problems you may have when accessing databases from home:

Login Error

If you get a Login Error page, something may be wrong with your student record. Problems may include:

  • Unpaid library fines
  • Not registered for any courses this semester

If this is the case, contact the Circulation Desk at Webster Library or Vanier Library.

Browser problem

Try using a different browser. For example, if you are having trouble accessing a database while using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox instead.

Security Settings

If you are using Internet Explorer, try resetting your security settings.

Other databases

Try accessing other databases to see if the problem persists with other databases. If the problem only occurs with the one database you are trying to access, contact a librarian.

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page last updated on: Thursday 14 September 2017
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