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Borrow a laptop

** Click here for information on using your personal laptop at the library **

When, where and for how long can I borrow a laptop?

Laptops are available during service hours from the Circulation Desk at both libraries.

Renewals and reservations for laptops are not permitted.

Laptops are available for 8 hour and 3 day loans. Laptops are loaned for 8 hours, unless they are checked out less than 8 hours before closing, in which case they are due back by 11:00 a.m. on the next day. Laptops loaned for 3 days are due back during library opening hours on the 3rd day of the loan. 35 laptops at the Vanier Library and 30 laptops at the Webster Library are available for 3-day loans.

After the Circulation Desk closes for the night, users are not allowed to return their laptops to Security Agents, nor can they be placed in the bookdrop.

Laptops must be returned in person at the same desk where it was borrowed.

You may leave the library with a borrowed laptop. Many buildings on both campuses provide access to the Concordia wireless network.

page last updated on: Friday 2 December 2016
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