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Borrow a Tablet (iPad)

How do I print, save and email files?


You can use Concordia's WebPrint website to print pages from a web browser on library tablets.

Go to https://webprint.concordia.ca/ and login using your MyConcordia netname. Select whether you want a black and white or colour job and then put in the URL of the page you wish to print. You can release the document from any DPrint printer-copier on campus. Just put money your Concordia ID using one of the DPrint loaders* and swipe your Concordia ID card on the DPrint printer-copier to pay for your print job.

*DPrint Loaders: On the downtown campus there are 2 DPrint loaders located at the bottom of the stairs by the entrance to the library. On the Loyola Campus, there is 1 DPrint loader located in the Vanier Library by the front counter.


When you return the tablet at the circulation desk, with the assistance of a staff member, you will erase all content and settings. To keep your files, you will have to email them to yourself or use an online storage app such as Dropbox.

Also note that in each productivity app there is the option to email the document to yourself.

iWork examples (Pages, Keynote, Numbers):

Pages Keynote

In order to email yourself the documents you have worked on, you will need to have your email set up on the tablet. You will find the email app (simply called Mail) in the Communications folder:


The app will ask you to identify your e-mail service. Once selected, simply enter your name, email address, and password, then hit “Next”. It will take a minute or two and then you should be able to see your inbox.

email email
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