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Borrow Technology Sandbox items

What can I borrow from the Technology Sandbox and for how long?

Technology Sandbox items available for loan and their loan periods:

Technology Sandbox item Quantity available Loan period
360 Camera 2 3 days
DSLR Camera 2 3 days
Tripod 2 3 days
Light kit 1 3 days
Green screen 1 7 days
Android Tablet 5 3 days
Graphics Tablet with Stylus 2 3 days
Little Bits Synth Kit 2 7 days
Microphone (USB) 2 7 days
Miniprojector 2 3 days
Arduino Uno Kit 15 14 days
Raspberry Pi Kit 10 14 days
Sensor pack 2 14 days
XBEE Wireless 2 14 days
Lego Mindstorms Kit 2 7 days
Motor Pack Kit 1 14 days
Kinect Set 2 3 days
Gaming laptop 5 3 days
Wii-U 1 3 days
Playstation VR 1 3 days

Note: there are no renewals for Technology Sandbox items.

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When, where and how can I borrow Technology Sandbox items?

Technology Sandbox items are available during service hours.

Steps to borrowing an item:

  1. If you need more information about the Technology Sandbox items and what they do, you may want to start off by visiting the Technology Sandbox and speak to the person on duty.
  2. Once you know what you want, visit the Webster Library Loans & Returns Desk and ask to borrow the card for the item you are interested in. Each Technology Sandbox item will have its own card. Once checked out, you will receive an email with the due date for the item. For loan periods see What can I borrow from the Technology Sandbox and for how long?
  3. Take the card you borrowed from the Webster Library Loans & Returns Desk to the Technology Sandbox and exchange it for the actual item.

Steps to returning an item:

  1. Return all Technology Sandbox items to the Technology Sandbox.
  2. Once staff verify that an item is complete and in operating condition, they will give you the associated card.
  3. The card must be returned to the Webster Library Loans & Returns Desk to complete the return of the loan.
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Who can borrow?

Technology Sandbox items are available for loan by current Concordia University students, undergraduate and graduate, faculty and staff.

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Who is responsible for damage or theft?

The person who checked out a Technology Sandbox item is responsible for returning it in good condition. In case of damage, theft or lost, the user will be charged the cost of repair or replacement. Do not under any circumstances leave the item unattended.

If a Technology Sandbox item or its peripherals are not returned, damaged, or if parts are missing, sanctions will be applied in accordance with the Libraries' Policy on Overdue and Lost Material:

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How do I get help?

Staff in the Technology Sandbox will be able to answer questions regarding the use of items. Visit the Technology Sandbox during service hours.

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page last updated on: Tuesday 28 February 2017
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