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Library PIN

Why do I need a Library PIN?

All non-Concordia users need identification (name, barcode number appearing on your Concordia ID card, Library PIN) in order to:

  • Access the My Library Account feature in the Library Catalogue
  • Renew books online
  • Place holds in the Library Catalogue
  • Access electronic resources (access privileges depend on the user group)
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Creating my Library PIN

Using the Library Barcode Login side of the Library services login page:

  1. Fill in your name and barcode number
  2. Leave the PIN field blank
  3. Press SUBMIT
create pin
  1. Re-enter your name and barcode
  2. Enter a PIN
  3. Retype new PIN to confirm
  4. Press SUBMIT
create pin
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Change my Library PIN

  • Log in to My Library Account
  • Click on Change my Library PIN
  • You will be prompted to enter your existing Library PIN as well as a new PIN
  • Click Submit
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I have forgotten my Library PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN, use the Forgot your PIN? feature on the My Library Account page to request a replacement PIN. You will be asked to supply your name and email address, and the system will email you a confirmation for a PIN reset. Check your email promptly to receive the PIN reset confirmation and follow the instructions in order to reset your PIN.

If you experience any problems when requesting a new PIN, contact the Libraries Circulation services:

  • In person - you will be asked to present your Concordia University ID Card
  • By telephone (848-2424, ext. 7706 [Webster] or ext. 7770 [Vanier]) - you will be required to provide your address, telephone number, barcode and Concordia ID number and we will confirm that the information is the same as that registered in your patron record
  • By e-mail at lib-circulation@concordia.ca - you must send your request by using the same e-mail address that is registered in your patron record; you must include your name and provide your barcode number. Your request will be processed in the next 24 hours

Should you have any questions, please enquire at the Circulation Desk.

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Below are some explanations of the error messages you might receive after being prompted for your name, barcode number and Library PIN when trying to access the My Library Account feature or when trying to connect to online resources from off-campus.

Error Message Meaning

"Sorry, the information you submitted was invalid. Please try again"

This message appears when you have mistyped your name or barcode number. Try typing the information again, or contact Circulation Services.


You are trying to create a new PIN when one already exists in your record! Try using the "I Forgot My PIN" button to reset the PIN or contact Circulation Services.

"Sorry, cannot locate patron record"

There is a problem with the barcode number you entered. Try typing it again and make sure you enter your full 14-digit barcode (omit any letters) and not just your ID number.

"Your PIN is not complex enough to be secure. Please select another one"

This is an error message generated by the system when the PIN contains:

  • a number that is repeated 3 or more times (111, 1111...)
  • a set of 2, 3, or 4 numbers that is repeated 2 or more times (1212, 123123, 12341234...).

Please note that these system rules only apply to new or modified PINs.

"403 Forbidden" or "You are not authorized..."

Your status in the library catalogue does not match our eligible category of Concordia users. Due to license agreements, users who have barcode numbers and Library PINs, but are not registered students, faculty or staff are not eligible to access restricted Concordia resources.

If you are a registered student, faculty or staff member but are still getting this error message, please contact the Libraries' Circulation Services.

"Sorry, your code is not unique. Please see librarian."

There is more than one record attached to this barcode. Please contact Circulation Services.

If problems persist or to obtain additional assistance, contact the Libraries' Circulation Services:

  • In person at either the Webster or Vanier Library
  • By telephone at 848-2424, ext. 7706 [Webster] or ext. 7770 [Vanier]
  • By e-mail at lib-circulation@concordia.ca
    (your request will be processed in the next 24 hours)
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page last updated on: Friday 16 February 2018
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