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History Research Guide - Web Sites

Online Discussion Groups

H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences Online is an international and interdiscipllinary organization of scholars with links to the web pages of over 50 History discussion lists, which provide you with a description of the lists and details on how to subscribe. Some examples of lists are H-Women (Women's History), H-Amstdy (American Studies), H-Ethnic (Ethnic History).

H-France is affiliated with the Society for French Historical Studies. The discussion list covers "all aspects of the history and culture of the Francophone world." Preference for subscription to this forum is given to professors, scholars, librarians and graduate students. Undergraduates may join but must be sponsored by their professor. This site also provides links to resources.

Additional History discussion lists can be found at:

Guides to History Internet Sources

  • Academic Info History Gateway
    A subject directory of academic disciplines, maintained by Mike Madin, formerly of University of Washington's Gallagher Law Library. The mission given is to "improve access to online educational resources". Primary focus of sites linked must be academic, with priority given to digital collections and "sites offering unique online content."

  • ECHO (Exploring and Collecting History Online)
    A project of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, ECHO is a searchable and browsable directory to over 5000 websites concerning the history of science, technology, and industry.

  • Environmental History Resources
    "The emphasis of the site is on Europe...but with a keen eye on linking this with the wider world." Includes bibliographies, study aids, podcasts, and links to relevant websites.

  • Best of History Web Sites
    A portal "created for history teachers, students and general history enthusiasts."

  • History Guide
    Up-to-date guide to scholarly Internet resources in Anglo-American history

  • History On-Line
    Provides information resources for the teaching and learning of history; part of the Institute of Historical Research website.

  • Humbul Humanities Hub - History Resources
    A service of Resource Discovery Network, a collaboration of over 70 educational and research organizations, including the British Library. The web site is hosted by the University of Oxford.

  • Jewish History Resource Center
    Sponsored by the Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History, this site offers links to organizations and Internet resources dealing with Jewish history from ancient times to the present.

  • Moving Image Gateway
    A gateway to websites that relate to moving image and sound useful for higher education. There is a listing for History sources under the Arts & Humanities section, including links to such sites as Imperial War Museum Film & Video Archive, Video History Project, Lost & Found Sound, and over 100 more.

  • Repositories of Primary Sources
    "A listing of over 5250 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar" prepared by the University of Idaho Library.

  • Scholarly Resources for Victorian Research
    A guide to Victorian research resources such as periodicals, newspapers, archives.

  • Voice of the Shuttle: History Page
    Directory of Internet History resources with geographic and topical categories; searchable. Includes links for journals, conferences, discussion lists.

  • WWW Virtual Library - Women's History
    Lists women's history institutions and organizations, links to archival and library collections, and to Internet resources on women's history.

  • WWWVL-The World Wide Virtual Library History: Central Catalogue
    This index consists of a single large file (approximately 265 Kb) offering about 2500 connections to History sites arranged alphabetically by subject and name. The intention is to allow the user to build a personal bookmark file quickly and effectively, and to provide those building web sites a convenient source of pointers.
British and European
Middle Eastern

Internet Subject Directories for History

Professional Bodies (organizations, societies, agencies, etc.)

These are just a few sites which historians might find useful. There are many links to such sites from the sites listed under Guides to Internet Sources.


Reviews of Books and other Media

Primary Sources: Texts, Audio and Images

  • Making Sense of Evidence
    The Center for History and New Media at George Mason University's History Matters site includes this set of tools to help students "make effective use of primary sources".

  • Using Primary Sources on the Web
    The Reference and User Services Association, History Section, of the American Library Association prepared this aid to explain what are primary sources, how to find primary sources on the web, how to evaluate primary source web sites, and how to cite web sites.

  • Avalon Project at Yale Law School: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
    Documents range in time from the Code of Hammurabi to the Hamas Covenant. International in scope, and academic level.

  • British House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
    The British Parliamentary Papers from 1801 onwards are the most detailed primary source for information on Britain, its colonies and the wider world. Topics covered include British imperialism, social conditions in Britain and its colonies, immigration, demographics, industrial society, foreign affairs, policy and government. Important for research into the history and politics of Canada, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

  • Carrie: A Full-Text Electronic Library

  • Center for World Indigenous Studies: Chief George Manuel Memorial Library
    An online library of texts "which record and preserve our peoples' struggles to regain their rightful place in the international community."

  • Cold War International History Project: Online Collection of International Cold War Documents

  • Eighteenth-Century Resources - History
    Links to 18th century resources on the Internet, including electronic texts.

  • ELIOHS:Electronic Library of Historiography
    An online library providing the full-texts of classics of historiography.

  • Famous Trials
    Presents primary source materials on famous trials in history, from Socrates to O.J. Simpson. The materials presented are often selected rather than presented in full, but links are provided to other sites which often lead to a fulltext version of a trial.

  • Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition: Online Documents
    Dedicated to the "investigation and dissemination of information concerning all aspects of the Atlantic slave system and its destruction", the online document collection contains over 200 items including speeches, interviews, cartoons and graphics, letters and articles from newspapers and magazines. Many items relate to American slavery and racism, others to treatment of the Irish.

  • In Motion: the African-American Migration Experience
    The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture provides texts and images relating to the Transatlantic slave trade, Haitian and Caribbean migration, migrations in the U.S.

  • In the First Person: an Index to Letters, Diaries, Oral Histories and Personal Narratives
    Alexander Street Press has released this database which indexes more than 2500 collections of oral history in English from around the world. Future releases will broaden the indexing to letters, diaries, memoirs and autobiographies. Many of the sources indexed are not freely available.

  • Internet Archive
    This organization is supported by public and private grants, and aims to provide free access to digitally archived material. This site is a "digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form", including audio and moving images and over 27,000 books that are in the public domain.

  • Internet Archive of Texts and Documents
    The goal of the Archive is to make primary texts on the Internet available to students for use in History and Humanities. The Archive is organized by geographic area and chronological period.

  • Internet History Sourcebooks Project
    "The Internet History Sourcebooks are collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use."

  • Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web
    Smithsonian Institution Libraries site, international in scope, links to online exhibitions created by libraries, archives and historical societies.

  • LIFE Photo Archive hosted by Google
    "Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive".

  • NYPL Digital Gallery
    Over 300,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including manuscripts, historical maps, posters,prints and photographs and more.

  • Oral History Online
    English-language oral histories from around the world, but emphasis on American. Includes links to full text, audio and video, where available.Includes 40,000 pages of Ellis Island oral histories.

  • Papal Encyclicals Online
    Transcribed historical and recent encyclicals, some translated and some with images of the original document.

  • Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact
    A cooperative undertaking, bringing together leading Cold War historians, archivists and government officials, the project has collected thousands of pages of material on security-related issues of the Cold War.

  • Prints & Photographs Online
    More than a million images from the collection of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division can be viewed at this site. The images document the history and culture of people, places and events in the U.S. and the world.

  • Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Image
    A digital library at the University of Pennsylvania of rare books and manuscripts from the 9th through the 20th centuries.

  • Time & Life pictures: Defining visions of an enduring history
    Searchable collection of over 425,000 digital files of original prints and negatives archived by the Time Inc. Picture Collection. Includes work of famous photographers and photojournalist such as Alfred Eisenstaedt and Margaret Bourke-White.

  • Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database - Voyages
    Information on almost 35,000 slaving voyages that forcibly transported over 10 million Africans to the Americas from the 16th to the 19th century. This searchable database includes estimates of the numbers involved, and an African names database identifying over 67,000 Africans aboard slave ships.

  • Universal Newsreels
    Each newsreel in this collection of newsreels, shown in movie theatres from 1929 to 1967, contains "six or seven short news stories, usually one to two minutes in length, covering world events, politixs, sports, fashion" and more.

  • World History Sources
    Center for History and New Media guide to "the best online primary source archives in world history."

  • Africa South of the Sahara: History: Primary Sources
    Provides links to historical sources from all regions of southern Africa. While many sources are freely available on the Internet, some require a paid subscription, so may not be accessible to Concordia users.

  • Nelson Mandela Digital Archive
    A living archive that aims to locate, document, digitize and provide access to all archival materials related to Nelson Mandela.

  • S. A. Rochlin Collection of South African Political and Trade Union Organizations
    This Database lists and describes the 471 original documents, many rare or unique, the 90 pamphlets, and the issues from 46 periodicals and newspapers that comprise the Rochlin Collection which resides in Concordia University's Vanier Library Special Collections room. This Collection consists, for the most part, of documents of communist and labour organizations in South Africa during the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's. The Database is searchable by Author, Title, Organizations, Names and Resource Types, as well as allowing a keyword search of all fields. Digitization of the documents is underway, and approximately 89 items are currently available in pdf in CLUES. There is a link to the CLUES record and pdf image from the database.

  • Slavery and Manumission Manuscripts of Timbuktu
    A collection of 19th century manuscripts relating to slavery and manumission in Timbuktu. The materials, in Arabic, provide documentation on Africans in slavery in Muslim societies.

  • Sudan Open Archive
    "Free digital access to contemporary and historical knowledge about Sudan." Consists primarily of technical reports and unpublished grey literature from the history of aid in Sudan for 1989 to the present.

British and European
  • Arctic Blue Books Online
    Dating from 1818-1878, the Arctic Blue Books consist of the British Parliamentary Papers relating to arctic exploration.

  • The Barren Lands Digital Collection
    Documents two exploratory surveys of the Barren Lands region west of Hudson Bay, including over 5,000 images from original field notebooks, correspondence, photographs, maps and reports.

  • Canada Year Book Historical Collection 1867 to 1967
    Includes all statistical tables and charts as well as digitized original source documents and photos.

  • CBC Archives
    A selection of radio and television clips from the CBC archives, focusing primarily on interviews, news and current affairs.

  • Collection numérique - BANQ
    Digitized collections of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, including newspapers such as The Quebec Chronicle (1847-1924), Canadian Illustrated News (1869-1883), La Minerve (1826-1899), La Patrie (1879-1978), and more. Other resources include Almanach de Québec (1780-1841), Annuaires Lovell de Montréal (1892-1999), Albums de rues E.-Z. Massicotte (illustrations of Montreal from 1870 to 1930).

  • Democracy at War: Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War
    Available from the Canadian War Museum, this is "a fully searchable digitized collection of 144,000 contemporary newspaper clippings that report on the events of the Second World War as that great conflict unfolded." These clippings were kept by the staff of the Hamilton Spectator newspaper.

  • Documents on Canadian External Relations
    Volumes 15 (1949) to 24 (1958) of this series produced by Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs are freely available online.

  • Early Canadiana Online
    Primary sources in Canadian history from the first European contact to the late 19th century. A cooperative project of the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions, the National Library of Canada, University of Toronto Library, Laval University Library and the Bibliotheque nationale du Quebec.

  • Early Encounters in North America
    Assembled from hundreds of primary sources from 1534 to 1850, this collection contains nearly 1,000 prints, drawings, maps, bibliographies, letters, photographs, including works by American Indians, Canadian First Peoples and many European groups.

  • Electronic Collection of Library and Archives Canada
    Canadian websites, books and periodicals published online, including more than 20,000 titles and more than 75,000 serial issues published by both the commercial and government publishing sectors.

  • Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History
    This project, based at several Canadian universities, provides high-quality materials for the teaching of historical methods and Canadian history. Virtual archives are created for historical mysteries including the massacre of the 'Black' Donnellys, the burning of Montreal in 1734 by the slave Angélique,the discovery of Klondike gold, and more. Each site focuses on different themes - slavery, aboriginal issues, early settlement, disease, religious dissent.

  • Histoire de Québec: textes réglementaires du Gouverneur Murray
    Digital reproduction of the manuscript Ordonnances, ordres, reglemens et proclamations durant le gouvernement militaire en Canada, du 28e oct. 1760 au 28 juillet 1764.

  • Historica Foundation of Canada
    A foundation devoted to Canadian history education, including "Historica Minutes", one-minute movies depicting stories from Canada's past, and a Black History Canada portal. Provides free access to the Canadian Encyclopedia.

  • History of the Federal Electoral Ridings since 1867
    Produced by the Library of Parliament, this site includes the names of all the candidates to all federal elections and a description of all the ridings.Searchable by riding name, candidate's name, political party, general election and by-election.

  • Institute of Intergovernmental Relations/ Canadian Network of Federalism Studies Documents Database
    Online collection of documents in categories such as: Aboriginal Rights and Governance, Constitutional Documents, Education, etc.

  • The Labrador Inuit through Moravian eyes
    This site includes photographs and documents about the 250-year relationship between Moravian missionaries and the Inuit of Labrador.

  • Library and Archives Canada Digital Collections
    Digital collections and virtual exhibitions such as "Canada and the First World War", "Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King". Also Archivianet, a searchable database providing access to "archival holdings from governmental and private sources, including textual documents, maps, works of art, photographs, videos and films, sound recordings, architectural drawings, stamps and medals", for example access to the full-text images of the 1851, 1901 and 1911 manuscript censuses Censuses, war diaries of the First World War, immigration records for 1925-1935, Cabinet Conclusions from 1944 to 1974, and more.

  • Orders-in-Council
    Provides access to orders-in-council from 1867 to 1910 and is part of a continuing effort to make historical records of the Privy Council Office available. Updates will add more records through to the mid-20th century.

  • McGill University Digital Collections Program
    Examples of collections: Canadian War Poster Collection, In Pursuit of Adventure: the Fur Trade in Canada.

  • North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories
    Beginning around 1840 and extending to the present (focusing heavily on 1890 to 1920),this collection includes audio files, scrapbooks, unpublished diaries, oral histories, political cartoons and more. Many countries and immigrant groups are represented.Produced by Alexander Street Press. Access restricted to Concordia students and faculty.

  • North American Indian Biographical Database
    This collection presents Indian and Canadian First Peoples experiences from their own point of view. It includes photographs and oral histories presented on audio and transcript form. Produced by Alexander Street Press. Access restricted to Concordia students and faculty.

  • North American Women's Letters and Diaries
    Letters and diaries af American and Canadian women from all walks of life from colonial times to 1950. Produced by Alexander Street Press. Access restricted to Concordia students and faculty.

  • Our Roots - Nos Racines: Canada's Local Histories Online
    Led by the University of Calgary and Université Laval and with partner institutions across Canada, aims to create the most comprehensive digitized collection of Canadian local histories.

  • Peel's Prairie Provinces
    Includes a searchable version of Bruce Peel's bibliography of the prairie provinces, and full text collections of francophone newspapers published in Edmonton from 1928 to 2000, a letter by Louis Riel, sketches from the Northwest Rebellion of 1885, images of Saskatchewan locales in the 1930's.

  • Silver Screen
    Short films on themes of Canadian life: Canada at war, Snapshots of Canadian life, Agriculture and industry, Scenic Canada.

  • University of Toronto Digital Collections
    Examples of fulltext digital collections available include: Canadian Pamphlets and Broadsides, Champlain Society volumes

Latin America
  • Brazilian Government Documents
    Executive branch serial documents issued by Brazil's national government between 1821 and 1993, such as presidential reports and messages, ministerial reports, and by its provincial governments from the earliest available for each province to the end of the Empire in 1889. Documents are in Portuguese.

  • Early Americas Digital Archive
    A collection of electronic texts originally written in or about the Americas from 1492 to about 1820. Published by the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.

  • LANIC Etext Collection
    Produced by the Latin American Network Information Center at the University of Texas. Fulltext resources include research papers, theses, books, speeches by Latin American leaders, periodical publications and official documents.

  • Latin American Pamphlet Digital Collection
    Digitized Latin American pamphlets published during the 19th and early 20th centuries from the collection of Harvard's Widener Library.

  • Mexican Political Pamphlets 1808-1832
    Collection at University of Toronto of archival sources for the study of the political, social and cultural aspects of the independence movement in Mexico.

Middle East
  • The Middle East 1916-the Present: A Documentary Record
    Part of the Avalon Project at Yale Law School, texts of documents dating from 1910, including pacts, agreements, white papers and resolutions.

  • The Gertrude Bell Project
    Letters and diaries of Gertrude Bell, a major figure in 20th century Middle Eastern history, as well as 7000 photos taken between 1900 and 1918, many in the Middle East. Bell was recruited by British Intelligence during World War I, then "as a Political Officer, and then as Oriental Secretary to the High Commissioner in Baghdad, she became a king-maker in the new state of Iraq, which she had helped to create."

United States
  • AdAccess
    "Images...for over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955."

  • Alcohol, Temperance and Prohibition: a Brown University Library Digital Collection
    Broadsides, sheet music, pamphlets and government documents from the collections of Brown University Library, from the Prohibition era in early 20th century America.

  • AMDOCS:Documents for the Study of American History
    Links to primary documents arranged by year that are available on the internet.

  • The American Civil War Homepage
    Gateway to Internet sources, images and text, about the Civil War.

  • American Jewish Committee Archives
    Includes films, radio programs, oral history collections from the 20th century.

  • American Journeys
    Eyewitness accounts of North American exploration from the Vikings to diaries of mountain men in the Rockies.

  • American Memory: Library of Congress Collections and Exhibits
    Primary source and archival materials relating to US history and culture. Includes photographs, manuscripts, pamphlets, rare books, maps, moving pictures.

  • American Presidency Project
    Includes State of the Union addresses, Public Papers of the Presidents, radio addresses, convention speeches.

  • American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology

  • American Women's History: A Research Guide
    "Provides citations to print and Internet reference sources, as well as to selected large primary source collections."

  • Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record
    Over 1,000 images from a wide range of sources, most dating from the period of slavery.

  • Black Thought and Culture
    Speeches, interviews, essays written by leaders within the black community from earliest times to 1975. Includes the full run of The Black Panther, the Party's newspaper.

  • Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1841-1902
    Brooklyn Public Library digitized microfilm of this newspaper from October 26, 1841 to December 31, 1902. This searchable fulltext online newspaper is freely available.

  • A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates 1774-1875
    A documentary record of the Continental Congress, the Constitutional Convention, and the first Congresses of the United States. Includes the American State Papers, 1789-1838, and much more, produced by the Law Library of Congress.

  • Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents
    This University of Oklahoma College of Law site provides links to U.S. documents from the pre-colonial period to the 21st century.

  • Civil Rights Digital Library
    Primary sources of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s from archives, museums, public broadcasters, featuring unedited news film from the WSB and WALB archives held at the University of Georgia Libraries.

  • Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive
    Searchable database of digitized versions of rare library and archival resources on race relations in Mississippi maintained by the University of Southern Mississippi Libraries.

  • The Civil War Letters of Forrest Little
    Collection of 23 letters written between 1861-1862 by Forrest Little, a soldier in the Fifth Vermont Volunteers, to his parents in Essex County, New York. The letters "give a sense of the everyday life of a Union soldier".

  • Digital National Security Archive
    Collection of declassified U.S. foreign policy documents, over 43,000 primary source documents in 22 collections. Access is restricted to Concordia students and faculty.

  • Discovering American Women's History Online
    "Provides access to digital collections of primary sources (photos, letters, diaries, artifacts, etc.) that document the history of women in the United States." Search by subject, time period, primary source type.

  • Documenting the American South
    Primary sources relating to Southern history, literature and culture.

  • Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement: an on-line archival collection
    Scanned and transcribed original documents from Duke University's Special Collections Library reflecting various aspects of the Women's Liberation Movement in the United States, focussing specifically on "the radical origins of this movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s."

  • Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy: Vietnam
    A collection of links to transcribed documents compiled by Vincent Ferraro, Professor of International Politics at Mount Holyoke.

  • Doing History: a case study
    Using the diary of Martha Ballard, an 18th-century midwife, as raw material, this web site created by the Harvard Film Study Center for historians and teachers takes visitors into the process of doing history. As well as the searchable text of Martha Ballard's diary, there are thousands of pages of original documents including maps, court records, letters.

  • Early Americas Digital Archive
    A collection of electronic texts originally written in or about the Americas from 1492 to about 1820. Published by the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.

  • Early Encounters in North America

  • Early Recognized Treaties with American Indian Nations
    Treaties created between 1722 and 1805,complementing Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties.

  • Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920
    Over 9,000 images drawn from the Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections Library at Duke University, providing a view of the early evolution of American business and culture.

  • Foreign Relations Series, Volumes Online
    This State Department website provides volumes from this series for the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon-Ford administrations.

  • Foreign Relations of the United States
    "This digital facsimile of Foreign Relations of the United States is a project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago Libraries. This is an incomplete run from 1861-1960 with missing volumes being added as they can be acquired"

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. On-line Documents
    Most of these digital documents come from the collection known as the President's Secretary's File. The File is arranged by correspondent or subject.

  • Freedom's Journal, 1827-1829 (African-American Newspapers and Periodicals)
    The first African-American owned and operated newspaper in the U.S. Published weekly in New York, the newspaper contained editorials declaiming slavery and injustices, and also published biographies and listings of births, deaths and marriages.

  • Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition: Online Documents
    Dedicated to the "investigation and dissemination of information concerning all aspects of the Atlantic slave system and its destruction", the online document collection contains over 200 items including speeches, interviews, cartoons and graphics, letters and articles from newspapers and magazines. Many items relate to American slavery and racism.

  • Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History Collection
    This collection, on deposit at the New York Historical Society, includes diaries, letters, photographs from the Revolutionary period to the present, and some of these sources have been digitized. There are several online exhibitions such as "Battle Lines: Letters from America's Wars", "'I Take Up My Pen': Letters from the Civil War".

  • Historic Government Publications from World War II
    Reproductions of documents published by the United States government during the Second World War.

  • Historical Publications of the United States Commission on Civil Rights
    Thurgood Marshall Law Library at the University of Maryland has made freely available images of the publications of the Commission, searchable by title, date, subject.

  • History and Politics Out Loud
    " A searchable archive of politically significant audio materials", for example speeches by Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson; speeches by Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, Earl Warren. Audio files are streamed to your desktop, and cannot be downloaded.

  • Images of African Americans from the 19th Century
    A selection of images from the Photographs and Prints Division of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture at the New York Public Library.

  • Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930
    Part of Harvard's Open Collections Program, these selected materials document voluntary immigration to the U.S. from the signing of the Constitution to the onset of the Great Depression, concentrating heavily on the 19th century. Includes approximately 1800 books and pamphlets, 6000 photographs, 200 maps, and 13000 pages from manuscript and archival collections.

  • Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties
    Digitization of the 7 volume compilation of U.S. treaties, laws and executive orders pertaining to Native American tribes, covering treaties from 1778-1883, laws from 1871-1970.

  • The Indian Sentinel, 1902-1962
    The Indian Sentinel "featured articles about Native Americans across the United States and their evangelization by the Catholic church." Most articles are accounts by missionaries, some illustrated with photographs, but also included are writings by Native Americans who were students in Catholic schools.The official publication of the Society for the Preservation of the Faith among Indian Children, a subsidiary fundraising organization to the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions.

  • Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery
    Transcriptions and images of two editions of the Journals of Lewis and Clark edited by Biddle and Allen, and by Thwaites.

  • LIFE Photo Archive hosted by Google
    "Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive".

  • Making of America
    Digital library of primary sources related to U.S. social history of the 19th century.

  • McCarthy Era Executive Session Records
    Senate Committee on Government Affairs released transcripts of executive session proceedings for 1953-1954, when McCarthy chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. See also Senator Joe McCarthy:Audio excerpts, 1950-1954 for streaming audio files of public remarks made by Senator McCarthy.

  • The Malcolm X Project
    Includes a multimedia version of The Autobiography of Malcolm X with archival documents, film, audio recordings and oral interviews with Malcolm X's associates.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University
    Process underway to make the contents of the published Papers available online. Includes audio of King's speeches, and photos

  • Meeting of Frontiers
    Bilingual English-Russian digital library about "American exploration and settlement of the West, the parallel exploration and settlement of Siberia and the Russian Far East and the meeting of the Russian-American frontier in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest."

  • Native American Documents Project
    United States documents concerning native peoples.

  • National Security Archive
    An independent non-governmental research institute and library located at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., the Archive collects and publishes declassified documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).Collections of primary source documents include "The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II", "The Diary of Anatoly Chernyaev".

  • National Archives and Records Administration
    A description of documents in the U.S. National Archives, and includes digitized records such as maps, still pictures, sound recordings and textual documents.

  • New Deal Network
    An educational guide to the Great Depression of the 1930s, includes photos, articles, speeches, and letters.

  • Nineteenth Century Documents Project
    Transcriptions of representative primary texts from 19th century American history.

  • North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories

  • North American Indian Biographical Database

  • North American Women's Letters and Diaries

  • Open Vault: WGBH Media Library and Archives
    "Open Vault provides online access to unique and historically important content produced by public television station WGBH", including video excerpts, searchable transcripts.

  • OYEZ: U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia
    Features audio files, transcripts of oral arguments, written opinions on more than 3300 Supreme Court cases

  • The Papers of Benjamin Franklin

  • The Papers of John Jay
    "An image database and indexing tool comprising some 13,000 documents".

  • Prelinger Archives
    A collection of .mpeg files of American 'ephemeral' films not collected elsewhere, such as advertising, industrial, educational and amateur films. Contains about 10 per cent of the total production of such films between 1927 and 1987.

  • Presidential Elections, 1860-1912
    Features political cartoons from presidential elections with explanations of historical context, images of each cartoon, biographical sketches.

  • Presidential Libraries Podcasts
    The U.S. National Archives regularly broadcasts historical clips from the Libraries' collection. The voices of Presidents from Hoover to Clinton can be heard.

  • Presidential Speeches
    A selection of presidential speeches, in audio format from Franklin Roosevelt onward, with full text transcripts for speeches from the 18th and 19th centuries.

  • Red Scare
    An image database consisting of 300 images from newspapers and illustrated magazines, 1918 to 1921.

  • Resources for the Study of International Relations and Foreign Policy
    Links to documents on American foreign policy, as well as some on international relations documents from South Asia and the Middle East.

  • Secession Era Editorials Project
    Transcribed short editorials from partisan newspapers in the late antebellum period.

  • The Sixties Project: Primary Document Archive
    Links to primary and secondary sources on the Vietnam War, anti-war movement, Black Power, women's liberation, and other aspects of the 1960s.

  • Slavery and Abolition in the U.S.: Select Publications of the 1800s
    Digital collection of books and pamphlets demonstrating ideas and beliefs about slavery as expressed by Americans throughout the 19th century, reflecting arguments on both sides of the slavery debate. Types of sources include first person narratives, legal proceedings, anti-slavery tracts and religious sermons.

  • Supreme Court Decisions issued between 1937 and 1975
    Full text of 7407 U.S. Supreme Court decisions from 1937 to 1975.

  • Television News of the Civil Rights Era 1950-1970
    The aim of this website is to "collect, digitize, and present in streaming video format over the World Wide Web television news footage from the period and to make these valuable materials available to scholars, teachers, and students." Contains films from the nightly news of two Virgina television stations, including speeches of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

  • Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive
    Over 1700 items, letters, autobiography, papers.

  • Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database - Voyages
    Information on almost 35,000 slaving voyages that forcibly transported over 10 million Africans to the Americas from the 16th to the 19th century. This searchable database includes estimates of the numbers involved, and an African names database identifying over 67,000 Africans aboard slave ships.

  • U.S. State Department Office of the Historian: Online Documents, Exhibits, and Hypertext History
    Includes online access to recent volumes of the series Foreign Relations of the United States from the Truman Administration to Nixon-Ford Administrations

  • University of Wisconsin Digital Collections
    This collection includes published material and archival documents digitized from a variety of formats including books, manuscripts, sound recordings, photogrpahs, maps. Some subcollections are: Germany Under Reconstruction, Nineteenth Century European-American views on life in and the peoples of the American West, Playing House: Homemaking for children.

  • Valley of the Shadow
    Produced by the Virginia Center for Digital History, this is a digital archive of primary sources from Virginia and Pennsylvania during the Civil War era. It includes letters, diaries, newspapers, census and government records, speeches.

    A secret program of the U.S. Army's Signal Intelligence Service (precursor of the National Security Agency) code named VENONA, started in 1943 to "examine and exploit Soviet diplomatic communications", including espionage efforts. This site provides images of the translated messages.

  • Veterans History Project
    Collection of oral histories, written memoirs, correspondence of American veterans from World War I to the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts; funded by the U.S.Congress.

  • Virtual Vietnam Archive
    Full text of documents, photographs and slides, interviews, that are part of the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University.

  • Voting America: United States Politics, 1840-2008
    Animated maps that chart voting patterns in U.S. presidential elections since 1840.

  • Westward Exploration Collections
    18th and 19th century texts related to westward exploration, including Audubon's Illustrated notes of an expedition through Mexico and California, Catlin's Illustrations of the manners, customs and condition of the North American Indians, and others. Documents about natural history, and native Americans.

    The Presidential Recordings Program of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the Univeristy of Virginia makes freely available the recordings made by the Presidents between 1940 and 1973.

  • Women and Social Movements in the United States
    Includes tens of thousands of primary documents, arranged in document projects with essays that interpret the documents, a bibliography, related web links and a large collection of images, documenting the multiplicity of women's activism in public life.

  • Women Working, 1870-1930
    Part of the Harvard University Library Open Collections Program, provides access to digitized photographs, diaries, manuscripts, trade catalogues, books and pamphlets covering women's roles in the U.S. economy between the Civil War and the Depression.

  • Woodward and Bernstein Watergate Papers
    Woodward and Bernstein's notes form interviews, drafts of newspaper stories, memos, tape recordings, and other Watergate papers.

  • World War II Historical Film Collection
    "This collection consists of short films and news clips, primarily in black and white, documenting Allied operations and activities during WWII. In addition to footage of campaigns in Europe and in the Pacific, the films document activities on the homefront"

  • World War II Poster Collection
    Northwestern University's collection of over 300 posters issued by U.S. federal agencies during the Second World War.


Electronic Journals and Newspapers

  • Electronic Journals - Concordia Lists
    This web page links to ejournals and online newspapers available to Concordia students and faculty.

  • Ariadne
    A web-based magazine for information professionals in archives, museums and libraries, to keep them informed of current digital initiatives.

  • Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers
    The National Digital Newspaper Program, a partnership between the Library of Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities, produced this searchable database of U.S. newspapers with select digitization of historic pages. This website contains over 226,000 pages of public-domain newspapers from California, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Utah, Virginia and the District of Columbia published between 1900 and 1910. Over the next 20 years, the Program plans to create a digital resource of newspapers published between 1836 and 1922 from all U.S. states.The website also includes a national newspaper directory with information about the newspapers.

  • Érudit
    Includes some fulltext Canadian history journals: Historical Papers/Communications Historiques, Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française

  • The History Journals Guide
    A guide to History journals with information about publishers and links to their websites. Links to ejournals in History. Includes an electronic newsletter for HJG (History Journals Guide), and links to Directories for History Journals. NOTE: not all links to indexes and bibliographies will be accessible to Concordia students or faculty, as Concordia is not a subscriber to all the titles listed.

  • History Cooperative
    Made up of the American Historical Association, the Organization of American Historians, the University of Illinois Press and National Academy Press, this cooperative makes available electronic access to the full text of current issues of a number of history journals to members and institutions that subscribe to the print versions.

  • History Now: American History Online
    Intended for History teachers. Produced by The Gilda Lehrman Institute of American History.

  • Internet Library of Early Journals
    A digital library of 18th and 19th century journals. Journals included so far are Gentlemen's Magazine, The Annual Register, and Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society from the 18th century; Notes and Queries, The Builder and Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine from the 19th century.

    Complete backruns of important journals in History and other disciplines. Only the latest 3 to 5 years of the fulltext journals are excluded.

  • Persée
    Produced by the government of France to make French research more widely available, this website's mission is the digitisation and online distribution of back volumes of periodicals in the social and human sciences. Some of the History journals available full-text include: Annales, Cahiers d'études africaines,Matériaux pour l'histoire de notre temps, Vingtième siècle

  • Project Muse
    Fulltext of over 200 scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences and fine arts.

  • Quebec Heritage News
    Newsletter of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network. Back issues are available from the organization's website.

  • Virginia Gazette 1736-1780

  • World History Connected
    A free peer-reviewed journal designed for those who wish to deepen their understanding of world history.

  • 49th Parallel: an Interdisciplinary Journal of North American Studies
    A free e-journal devoted to American and Canadian studies which encourages "dialogues and debates which transcend the boundaries of customary theoretical approaches to the culture, history, and politics of the North American continent"

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