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Map Collection


Below is a list of print maps in the library and online maps that are free to use on the Internet, unless otherwise indicated by the following icon:

Access is Restricted to Concordia Users - Access is Restricted to Concordia Users

About the Print Map Collection

The print map collection is located near Government Publications, in the Webster Library, 2nd Floor. It is accessible during regular library hours. To help you find maps in the collection, there is a set of map indexes located in file boxes on top of the map cabinets. For more information or help, please ask at the Reference Desk during service hours.

Below is a complete list of the map series in our collection

Canadian Topographic Maps (Federal Government)

These topographic or contour maps offer a graphic representation of the physical features of a place. The maps are available at several scales:

  • 1:25,000. Located in map cabinet 2
  • 1:50,000. Located in map cabinets 2 to 10
  • 1:125,000. Located in map cabinet 10
  • 1:250,000. Located in map cabinet 10
  • 1:500,000. Located in map cabinets 11

To find published maps in the National Topographic System of Canada (NTS) consult the three-part map Index to the National Topographic System of Canada. These index maps are located on top of the map cabinets (in a folder box).

To find maps for a specific location in Canada consult the Geographical Names of Canada, an online gazetteer that contains location information, including the NTS map code.

Geological Maps of Canada

Concordia University library has a small collection of bedrock and surficial geology maps of Canada at various scales, produced by the Geological Survey of Canada. These maps are located in map cabinet 11. Please consult the list of A-Series maps, located in the map collection.

National Atlas of Canada

Unlike previous bound editions, the 5th edition is published as a series of individual thematic maps at various scales. Topics covered include climate, forestry, population, transport, etc. These maps are located in the map cabinet 1. The scanned version of this atlas is available online.

Joint Operations Graphic Charts

JOG maps are aviation charts designed for military pilots at the scale of 1:250,000. They give a graphic portrayal of the terrain not found on other topographic maps (e.g. airport beacons, radio facilities). These charts are located in map cabinet 1.

The International Map of the World - Canada

The IMW series provided coverage of Canada at the scale of 1:1,000,000. These maps are located in map cabinet 1. Scanned versions of these maps are available online.

Quebec Topographic Maps (Quebec Government)

The quebec topographic series covers the province of Quebec at the scale of 1:20,000. These maps are more detailed that the topographic 1:50,000 topographic maps of Canada. These maps are located in map cabinet 11.


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