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Using your personal laptop

Using wi-fi with your personal laptop

Instructions on how to configure your personal laptop in order to access Concordia's wireless network.

For further help, contact the IITS Service Desk.

A wireless network called "ConcordiaGuest" can be detected by personal laptops on campus. Once logged onto this network, you can access instructions on how to configure your personal laptop for full access to the Internet via the Concordia University wireless network.

Students, faculty and staff visiting from other institutions may be able to use Concordia's wireless network using the eduroam service.

Printing with WebPrint

To print from personal laptops or laptops borrowed from the library, we recommend using WebPrint.

WebPrint allows you to upload a document from wherever you are (even from home) and release the document from any DPrint printer-copier on campus. Just put money your Concordia ID using one of the DPrint loaders* and swipe your Concordia ID card on the DPrint printer-copier to pay for your print job. Here’s the link: http://webprint.concordia.ca/cps/

*DPrint Loaders: On the downtown campus there are 2 DPrint loaders located at the bottom of the stairs by the entrance to the library. On the Loyola Campus, there is 1 DPrint loader located on the first floor of the Vanier Library next to the women’s washroom.

page last updated on: Friday 22 August 2014
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