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Printing at the libraries

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Cost per page*
Black & White copying/printing $0.08
Colour copying/printing$0.29
Scanning $0.01

*One page printed double-sided is considered to be 2 pages. The cost of one page printed on both sides is $0.16 (black and white) and $0.58 (colour).

About DPrint

DPrint is a University-wide service managed by Concordia's Digital Store. More information about DPrint is available through their web site.

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Getting started with DPrint

Student instructions:

  1. Add funds to your account using one of the cash loaders on campus (LB-119 or VL-101)
  2. Access the machines by swiping your Concordia ID card OR by entering your netname and password

Staff instructions:

  1. Add funds to your account using one of the cash loaders on campus (LB-119 or VL-101)
  2. Access the machines by entering your netname and password

Guest instructions:

Guests can create a DPrint Guest Account at the kiosk on the ground floor of the LB building or through an online form. This guest account will allow you to photocopy and scan using the DPrint printer-copiers in the library.

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How to release your print job(s)

  1. If your document was sent to a B&W printer-copier, go to a B&W printer-copier; if your document was sent to a colour printer-copier, go to a colour printer-copier.
  2. Begin by pressing the Custom Services button
  3. Then select Release Documents on the LCD screen
  4. You should now see all print jobs you submitted available for printing
  5. Select the one needed and press "Print" to start
  6. When finished, to log out press the Log In/Log Out button
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Printing with WebPrint

To print from personal laptops or laptops borrowed from the library, we recommend using WebPrint.

WebPrint allows you to upload a document from wherever you are (even from home) and release the document from any DPrint printer-copier on campus. Just put money your Concordia ID using one of the DPrint loaders* and swipe your Concordia ID card on the DPrint printer-copier to pay for your print job. Here’s the link: http://webprint.concordia.ca/cps/

*DPrint Loaders: On the downtown campus there are 2 DPrint loaders located at the bottom of the stairs by the entrance to the library. On the Loyola Campus, there is 1 DPrint loader located on the first floor of the Vanier Library next to the women’s washroom.

DPrint machine locations

Webster Library
Floor Type Location
LB2 (map) 1 colour printer-copier Near the reference desk
4 B&W printer-copiers Near the reference desk
2 B&W printer-copiers Course reserve room
LB4 (map) 2 B&W printer-copiers 1 on the de Maisonneuve/Bishop side by the stairwell; and 1 facing elevators
1 colour printer-copier On the de Maisonneuve/Bishop side by the stairwell
Vanier Library
Floor Type Location
VL1 (map) 2 B&W printer-copiers Near the washrooms
1 B&W printer-copier In the course reserve room
VL2 (map) 1 B&W printer-copier Near the washrooms
VL3 (map) 1 colour printer-copier Near the washrooms

More DPrint copier-printers are available across campus.

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DPrint FAQ

Q: How do I turn on the printer-copier?

A: Press the “Energy Saver” button.

Q: How do I log in?

A: Students: swipe ID card.
Faculty/staff: press the “keyboard” button: PIN = MyConcordia netname; password = from MyConcordia.

Q: How do I return to the main menu?

Press the “All services” button on the LCD screen.

Q: Will the printer-copiers automatically staple my documents?

A: By default print-outs and photocopies are not are not stapled, but you can request that the print-outs be stapled.

Printing: Before you send the print job, go to the print dialogue box and click on 'preferences'. On the right side of the box there is a 'stapling' drop-down menu. Choose 1 or 2 staples.

Photocopying: You must be using the feeder. On the main ‘Copy’ page on the right hand side choose ‘1 staple’.

Q: How do I check the balance on my account?

B&W printer-copier: Press the “Services home” button (a metal button to the left of the LCD screen), then select “Custom Services” then “Release documents”. Important: balance does not refresh unless you log out of your account and log back in.

Colour printer-copier: On the main menu, press “Print release”; click “refresh” to update after printing. Important: balance does not refresh unless you log out of your account and log back in.

Online: To find out how much money you have on your DPrint account, go to https://eqcas.concordia.ca:2941/webtools/start.html and log in with your NetName and password.

Q: How long are print jobs stored on the system?

A: Print jobs are available for 24 hours only.

Q: What happens if a paper jam occurs in the middle of a print job?

A: If a printer-copier jams during a print job, the user is only charged for the pages that have printed. In order to get the rest of the document printed, the user with either need to

  • Ask a DPrint service person to unjam the machine and the rest of the job will print, or
  • Resend the unprinted pages to the print queue and retrieve on another printer-copier

Note that the job will remain in the print queue only if the user has selected the "Print and Save" feature. Pressing the “Print and Save” button leaves the file stored in the system for an extra 24 hours. If the user has selected the “Print” button, the document has to be resent since pressing this button deletes the file from the system. However, if the user reprints the entire document he/she will be charged for the pages that printed before the jam and the second printing of the entire document.

Users are charged for the number of printed pages.

Q: What happens if I'm charged for a print job that does not print?

Please go to the Campus Corner for a refund.

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