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Call for proposals for public art

Application Requirements

To submit a proposal, please prepare the following material (maximum 8 pages):

  • Information Form - Please complete this information form and include it in your proposal.
  • Project approach (750 words and 4 visuals maximum) - Text and visual preliminaries describing your proposed visualization. If needed, you are welcome to use the template of the interactive wall provided below to aid in your mockups. You can also use any other visual means to illustrate your idea.

    Interactive wall template:
    Image [PNG]
    Vector [SVG]
  • Technical approach (2 pages maximum) - Please detail the proposed timeline, budget breakdown, and when applicable, all relevant details regarding the technology, development environment and libraries you will be using. We are particularly interested in dependencies.
  • Digital image work samples - Please include a URL to your online portfolio and links to a maximum of 3 selected representative works. If you are applying as a team, please send portfolio URLs for each of your team members, if applicable, and choose 2 representative works per portfolio. Please include artist name(s), title and year. Demo reels are welcome.
  • CV or Artist statement - for team submissions, please send CVs of all participants.
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