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Wikipedian in residence program

2019 Wikipedian in residence

Amber Berson portrait red lipstick brown hair

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Concordia University Library welcomed Amber Berson as its 2019-2020 Wikipedian in residence.

Amber Berson is a writer, curator, and Ph.D. candidate conducting research on artist-run culture and feminist, utopian thinking. She most recently curated Utopia as Method (2018); World Cup! (2018); and The Let Down Reflex (2016-2018, with Juliana Driever); and was the 2016 curator-in-residence as part of the France-Quebec Cross-Residencies at Astérides in Marseille, France.

She is the Canadian ambassador for the Art+Feminism Wikipedia project. Her writing has been published in Breach Magazine, Canadian Art, C Magazine, Revue .dpi, Esse, Fuse Magazine, and Le Merle, amongst others.

Updated: Wednesday 17 March 2021
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