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Wikipedian in residence program


As part of the residency, Concordia Library will provide:

  • Supervision to the Wikipedian in residence
  • A workspace with computing equipment
  • Access to Library resources, print and electronic collections, and technological infrastructure
  • Teaching and learning spaces for conducting face-to-face instructional sessions with small and larger groups
  • Opportunities to interact with Concordia Library staff


  • Be available to commit 6-8 hours per week to the residency. On-site attendance is expected for the majority of the residency.
  • Facilitate partnership between the Wikimedia community and Concordia University.
  • Build capacity for Concordia University to work with Wikimedia on projects.
  • Promote understanding of Wikipedia, the Wikimedia commons, Wikidata, and the open movement among the Concordia community (students, faculty and staff, including library personnel) through workshops and events.
  • Assist instructors and librarians wishing to integrate Wikipedia into their teaching and learning activities.
  • Coordinate events, such as edit-a-thons, that bring Wikipedians on-site to work with staff on content creation and improvement.
Updated: Wednesday 17 March 2021
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