About Seer

Seer is an interactive digital experience that invites people to explore questions about our world through open access research sources. Seer helps people discover, in a playful context, how open access benefits everyone, both inside and outside of academia. Seer was created by a Concordia University Library team for Open Access Week 2022.

Experience SEER

How to Use Seer?

Explore the floating questions on the display and touch or click one that piques your curiosity. Seer will present several facts (a number or other information) that relate to the question. You can touch or click each fact to learn what it represents. Seer also reveals both the open access licence that makes the fact accessible to everyone and its source in case you’d like to read the entire work. Because Open Access Week 2022 has the theme of Open for Climate Justice we’ve included most of the facts in Seer to emphasize environmental issues. Yet we don’t want you to leave satisfied with a handful of facts–some require more inquiry and your critical eye.

Licences Used by the Fact Sources

Most of the open access content was licensed with Creative Commons licences. Some sources were freely accessible on a website (not blocked by a paywall) without specifying a licence. For example, a journal publisher may label an article “open access” and make it publicly accessible without identifying additional rights. Each fact states the Creative Commons licence of its source when applicable, otherwise it states the condition that it was accessed under (e.g. “Free access”).

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Reference sources and fact content available from the Zotero group here:

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