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Reading history and saved lists in your library account

My Lists

Concordia students, faculty and staff may create and manage lists of titles in CLUES using the My Lists feature.

To add items to a list:

  • mark titles while browsing using checkboxes on the left, then click on "Add Marked to My Lists"
  • alternatively, from the full record display, save by using the "Add to My Lists" button along the top.
Create a list by giving it a name and description, and Submit to save. If you are not already logged into CLUES, the system will prompt you to do so. Use the dropdown menu to see/select lists that you have previously created. After you save, the system will display a confirmation message.

When you are in MyCLUES, click on the "My Lists" icon to see your lists.

Lists may be:
  • sorted by author or title by clicking on column headers
  • exported
  • renamed
  • moved to a different list
  • deleted
  • when a Request button appears in the last column, use it to have the library set the item aside for you.

Only you have access to any lists that you create, and you are responsible for maintaining them. The Library does not have access to your lists.

Updated: Monday 4 May 2020
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