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Reading history and saved lists in your library account

Reading history

Concordia students, faculty and staff may retain a list of items borrowed from the Library by activating an optional My Reading History feature in CLUES.

Enabling this feature is voluntary, and the system does not track reading history unless you specifically Opt-In. Please read the Privacy Disclaimer in CLUES before you opt-in. You may opt-out of reading history at any time.

When you first Opt-In:

  • items previously or currently out on loan to you will not appear in reading history
  • only items borrowed after you have opted-in will be tracked in My Reading History

After you enable this feature and borrow items, click on the "My Reading History" icon in CLUES to see your reading history.

In My Reading History you may:

  • sort the list by author or title by clicking on column headers
  • export your entire history
  • delete some or all items in your reading history

Please note that only the original checked-out date is displayed in Reading History. Renewal dates are not tracked.

Only you have access to your reading history, and you are responsible for maintaining it. The Library does not have access to your reading history.

This handout illustrates the activation steps inside CLUES.

Updated: Monday 4 May 2020
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