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How to use Colombo (Interlibrary Loans)

Monitoring your requests

monitoring your requests
  1. To see a list of your current and past requests (up to 18 months in the past), click on “My Requests”.
  2. Click on the box next to “Show everything” to see all requests, not just current.
  3. The ILL number is a unique number associated with your request. It will also appear on the yellow sheet that accompanies your requested material when you pick it up at the Circulation Desk. If your request does not appear or disappears DO NOT re-request. For information about a request quote this number, if possible, when contacting the Interlibrary Loans Office.
  4. You will be provided with the “Status” of the request. Here is a list of the most common statuses:
    • Idle - your request has been received by the Concordia ILL staff and will be processed soon.
    • Pending - your request has been sent to a potential lending library and awaits a reply.
    • Shipped - your requested item has been shipped from a lending library.
    • Not Supplied - Concordia ILL staff are seeking other potential lenders.
    • Cancel Pending/Cancelled - your request is in the process of/or has been cancelled.
    • Received - your requested item has arrived and is ready for pickup. Check your email for details.
    • Returned - your requested item has been sent back to the lending library.
  5. Clicking on “Details” will provide you with more information about the item requested.
  6. To cancel a request, look for a button next to “Details” titled “Cancel”. If it does not appear it is no longer possible to cancel.
Updated: Thursday 2 September 2021
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