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How to install and use the LibX Concordia browser extension

What is LibX Concordia and what can it do?

LibX Concordia is a browser extension for Chrome that keeps Concordia Library's resources a few keystrokes away no matter where you are wandering on the web. With LibX installed, you can use features such as your mouse's right-click button and a toolbar search box to quickly or automatically do things like:

  • launch a Google Scholar search for an article referenced in a PDF document or web page and directly connect to it if Concordia subscribes
  • Click on an ISSN, ISBN or DOI on any webpage to search our collections

Toolbar search box

Once installed, LibX Concordia will add a button in the top right of your browser window that expands into a search box for our Library Catalogue when you click on it:
LibX toolbar

You can use the default Keyword option, or instead choose a Title, Author, Subject, ISBN or Call Number search:
LibX author search

Right-click to search the Library Catalogue and more

LibX Concordia allows you to use the right-click button to automatically launch a Library Catalogue or Google Scholar search on selected text from a web page. After highlighting the text you want and using the right-click button, you will get a menu like this:

LibX right click menu options

From here you can directly search the Library Catalogue or Google Scholar for the terms you have highlighted. To change which search options are shown here, go to LibX Preferences > Context Menu.
libx preferences

Links to Concordia resources

LibX recognizes certain standard document codes (ISBN, ISSN, and DOI [Digital Object Identifier]) and turns them into search links. Even if you are not certain what the codes mean, clicking on these embedded links will automatically launch a search for Concordia resources via the library catalogue (for books) or Findit@Concordia (for journal articles).

isbn cue

Troubleshooting & Help

For help with downloading see the Install LibX Concordia page.

If some options or functions do not seem to be working, try taking a look at the LibX Preferences.

Updated: Friday 24 August 2018
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