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Congratulations! You have completed the Library Research Skills Tutorial!

This tutorial demonstrated some of the necessary skills for successful university-level research. If you have a more specialized or subject-specific question not addressed in this tutorial, please consult our subject guides for additional guidance and contact information for the subject librarian.

If you are unsure which subject area your question falls into, please contact our Ask a Librarian service for help and direction.

Additionally, the Library offers in-person workshops for all audiences, including a few specifically tailored to graduate students. These workshops cover a wide variety of topics and allow you to explore library research in-depth and with assistance.


Working group members
Andrea Cameron
Assistant Librarian
Teaching & Learning Librarian
Pamela Carson
Associate Librarian
Web Services Librarian
Danielle Dennie
Associate Librarian
Mathematics & Statistics Subject Librarian
Katharine Hall
Assistant Librarian
Biology and Exercise Science Subject Librarian
Michelle Lake
Associate Librarian
Government Publications Librarian
Political Science, School of Community & Public Affairs and First Peoples Studies Subject Librarian
Melissa Rivosecchi
Limited Term Appointment Librarian
Accountancy and Supply Chain & Business Technology Management Subject Librarian
Paule Kelly-Rhéaume
Limited Term Appointment Librarian
Web Services Librarian

Pamela Carson and Melanie Damilig

The icons used in this tutorial were created by The Noun Project.
Created September 2017

The Library Research Skills Tutorial was developed at Concordia Library with financial support from Concordia's Curriculum Innovation Fund.

For inquiries about adopting the content and code to host on your institution's website, please contact Concordia Library.


Some of the content in this tutorial was originally developed in 2004 for an online tutorial called info research 101: surviving your essay. Thank you to the following Concordia librarians who worked on this previous tutorial: Olivier Charbonneau, Dubravka Kapa, Patrick Labelle, Sonia Poulin.

Thank you also to Juliet Dunphy of the Student Success Centre and the subject librarians and student librarians at Concordia Library who provided valuable feedback and assistance at multiple stages in the development of this tutorial.

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