Copyright Guide for Thesis Preparation

How to seek permission to include copyrighted works in your thesis - Contacting the Copyright Holder

If you determine that you need to ask permission, following are important elements to include in your correspondence:

  • Clarification that you are a graduate student at Concordia University and that the purpose of the request is to ask permission for including copyrighted material in your thesis
  • A detailed citation of the document (or part thereof) that you are using in your thesis. Include page numbers, table or chart number, or any other relevant information
  • Notification that the thesis will be available online through Spectrum, Concordia University’s institutional repository, and via the Library and Archive Canada’s website and other websites. Include a copy of these license agreements or a link to their text:

Ask the rights’ holder to respond to your request by a given date. You may also want to offer to send the copyright holder a copy of your thesis.

Updated: Friday 12 November 2021
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