Copyright Guide for Thesis Preparation

How to seek permission to include copyrighted works in your thesis - Permission denied

In the unusual case where the copyright holder denies permission to use the material, requests a charge for granting this right, or fails to respond to your request, the material must be removed from the thesis. This should only be done as a last resort when the reproduction is not considered fair dealing and you have made a reasonable effort to obtain permission from the right’s holder.

If you need to remove copyrighted material from your thesis, leave a space where the original document was located and, in its place, include:

  • This statement: “this [text, photo, graph, image, etc.] was removed because of copyright restrictions.”
  • A description of the material (in case of an image, a table or a graph) or a summary of its content (in the case of an article or book).
  • A precise citation for the source of the material, referring to a physical copy if possible. If there is an online copy of the document, provide its URL.

Try to describe the missing material as precisely as possible so that readers will be able to understand references to it in your thesis.


This table (fig. 31) was removed because of copyright restrictions.

It describes voting coincidence between Latin American countries and the United States at the U.N., showing identical votes, opposite votes, abstentions and absences.

Source: “Table 1007. U.N. Voting Coincidence with the United States, 20 L, 1990-99,” Statistical Abstract of Latin America, vol. 37. (Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications, University of California, 2001), 245.

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