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Open Access Week past events


2019 Open Access week banner
Proposal to publication: What authors should know about scholarly book publishing

Concordia University Press's acquisition editor and managing & production editor will give a brief overview of scholarly book publishing in the humanities and social sciences. Topics discussed will include: strategies for turning a dissertation into a book manuscript; how to identify a press that publishes in your area; drafting a book proposal; the peer review process; book production processes and your role; and open access scholarly book publishing.

Using and sharing open access content: Creative Commons licenses

Learn how to get, collaborate on, and share open access research or creative content with Creative Commons (CC) licences. Whether you need images for a presentation, are seeking information to inform your own research, or want to mix sounds into new music, Creative Commons licences enable you to access and share with a greatly expanding, global body of work. In this workshop you will find out what the Creative Commons is and how to use CC licences. We will practice working with CC content and look at the ramifications of applying different licences to our own work. We will also explore some useful tools for finding CC-licensed work. Presentation

"I paid $0 for my textbooks!" - How open educational resources make course materials affordable

The cost of textbooks has skyrocketted in the last 20 years. Open educational resources (OER) have gained considerable momentum in Canada and around the world, making course materials more affordable and less restrictive in access. As part of Open Access Week, this session will give an overview of OER and its place in the open ecosystem. The new OER initiative at Concordia will also be shared. Presentation

Round table discussion on Wikipedia, translation, and open access

Featuring Anna Luisa Daigneault of Living Tongues, Daniel Bögre Udell of Wikitongues, and a member of the Atikamekw Wikipetcia project. This discussion will cover current issues related to translation and open-access in relationship to Wikipedia and Wikimedia.

Copyright and your thesis

This GradProSkills workshop aims to raise awairness of copyright issues in writing a thesis. After presenting general information about copyright, we will discuss how it applies to you as the author of a thesis. First and foremost, we will cover copyright ownership and licensing of your thesis. For example, all thesis written at Concordia University, since 2008, are available via an open archive called Spectrum on the internet site of the Libraries. Following this, we will discuss the use of copyrighted content within your thesis, such as images, tables, etc. The two main points to consider are exceptions to copyright as well as the process to seek permission.

Selecting quality open access journals for publishing your research

This presentation will review the options to consider when choosing open access journals as venues to publish your research. Starting with a brief overview of open access publishing options and article processing charges, we will delve into some of the red flags associated with lower quality open access publications, and finish off with a variety of resources available to help you through the process of assessing and selecting the open access journal that's right for you. Presentation

Open source hardware in research

This presentation will provide an overview of the open source hardware movement and discuss how open source hardware is being used in research.

Open access information desks

Got questions about Open Access? We're here to help! Librarians will be ready to answer your questions at different locations throughout the university during Open Access Week. Come say hi! And find out more about Open Access.

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Updated: Tuesday 6 October 2020
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