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Having worked in furniture design, I feel I should caution you on what I’ve seen so far.  Be careful choosing modern furniture with little padding.  The padding won’t be durable and you will find your wasting your money.  The most important thing to look at is comfort, not modernity.  Choosing darker colours will age better too. The high back chairs are an abomination to design.  There is a reason they have never caught on.  It hurts your lower back.  One last thing, seats that slope back are useless in libraries with tables.  When working at a table you don’t want to sit back in the chair, rather you want to hover over the table.  I used to build furniture for a living and had to stop because I hurt my back lifting heavy items for a living.  So when it comes to chair comfort I tend to know what doesn’t cause me grief. Good luck though.

Thank you for taking the time to write us and share your furniture design expertise.

We have a variety of spaces planned for the Webster Library: from study halls with tables and chairs to less formal areas where students can gather to talk. Our goal is to find the most suitable furniture for each type of space. Durability and comfort are very high on the list of qualities we want for our furnishings and we will be judging possible furniture choices with these qualities in mind.