More study seats to accommodate a growing student population

The Webster Library will be expanded and renovated to increase space by 27% and increase the number of study seats by 113% (1,550 to 3,300).

11 types of study spaces will be created to accommodate various learning and studying styles.

The increase in the number of seats will be a dramatic improvement for undergraduate and graduate students.

Tables for silent study: 1,452 seats

MSDL_06_LB5 Reading Room 1

Carrels for silent study: 500 seats

Tables with desktop computers: 288 seats

Multifunctional/social areas: 568 seats

MSDL_04_Collaborative Learning-Atrium

Group study rooms: 96 seats

Group study rooms will include whiteboard surfaces, HD screens, speakers, podiums (for practicing presentations), and hook-ups for laptops or tablets.

MSDL_03_Group Study Room

Presentation practice rooms: 32 seats

Graduate student study spaces: 72 seats

MSDL_07_LB5 Reading Room 2

Classrooms and technology sandbox: 185 seats

Consultation rooms: 22 seats

Seminar and thesis defense room: 24 seats

Multifunctional/zero-noise room: 20 seats

Total: 3314 seats

Additional spaces will be renovated in the Libraries, including the Reference and Information Desk (LB2)

MSDL_01_Entrance-Info desk-Green wall

And the Friends of the Library room (LB3)

MSDL_05_Friends of the Library

More floor by floor renderings will be shared in future posts.