We’re piloting an Estimote Beacon project in the Webster Library.

Estimote Beacons are miniature wireless sensors that can be attached to any location or object and send tiny radio signals that contain information about a location or object to surrounding smartphones.

The result — rich experiences for mobile phone users about the places and objects that surround them.

If you would like to help us develop Estimote Beacon experiences for the Webster Library, you can get started with the Estimote SDK (software development kit). Follow the instructions, and you’ll be able to enter a variety of useful information about objects and locations in the library. The result, a richer experience for your fellow library users.

We’ve deployed 3 beacons in the Webster Library and would like to invite you to make use of them. Here are some possible test cases:

  1. New books display on LB-2.  As a developer, you could send library users iBeacon alerts that point them to our web page about new acquisitions (RSS compatible) and/or information on how to suggest a purchase by the Concordia Libraries.
  2. Art Display cases on LB-2 house different exhibitions on a regular basis.  You can provide library users with news about the current exhibition or direct them to the What’s New pages (RSS compatible) http://library.concordia.ca/about/news/#cat=exhibitions
  3. The Course Reserves room houses most undergraduate textbooks and course packs, as well as all books put on reserve by professors and librarians, including personal copies belonging to faculty. Materials, shelved by course code, are accessible from open shelving for consultation and may also be borrowed by using a self-checkout machine. You can help students find out what is on reserve for their course by using a search page dedicated to this function: http://clues.concordia.ca/search/r

The possibilities are endless. Get started today by downloading the Estimote SDK.

Estimote Deployment

Label UUID Major Minor
A b9407f30-f5f8-466e-aff9-25556b57fe6d 52791 33936
B b9407f30-f5f8-466e-aff9-25556b57fe6d 65162 35479
C b9407f30-f5f8-466e-aff9-25556b57fe6d 32117 5758


We’d love to hear from you about this pilot project. Contact us via @ConcordiaLib or send us an e-mail us at lib-transformation@concordia.ca.