Graduate students often feel isolated when writing their theses.  Although this period of their studies is crucial, discussions with these students often reveal that they feel less supported during this important time that is both intellectually and psychologically challenging. The library will offer support by providing graduate students writing their dissertations and theses a dedicated space that brings together the best conditions for completing their work.

Located on the fifth floor, the Dissertations Writers’ Rooms (shaded in beige on the plan below) will include a large reading room, four dissertations writers’ rooms, a small lounge, a kitchenette and access to a dedicated photocopier/scanner/printer, lockers and shelving for reserved books.  The area will be reserved for graduate students and access will be provided by a digital student ID scanner at the front door.  The reading room will have approximately 70 seats. The lounge adjacent to the reading room will allow for informal discussions among graduate students to help ease the sense of isolation, foster mutual assistance, exchanges and interdisciplinarity.

dissertation writers' rooms



A-Reading room

B-Dissertations writers’ rooms (4)




F- Lockers and shelving for books