LB3 before construction

Do you remember the wide open space on LB3 East from earlier this year? It’s currently under construction. If you look closely at the the “during” photo of LB3 East below, you will see the framing of a group study room.

LB3 under construction

The photo below provides a very good approximation of what the group study rooms located on LB3 East will resemble once work is completed at the end of July.

MSDL_03_Group Study Room

The rooms will offer students the opportunity to collaborate in a modern, pleasant environment. The rooms will be located close to the atrium, which will provide natural light.  Students will be able to book rooms online and each space will be equipped to facilitate work with digital documents and collections (widescreen displays, computer connectors for PCs, Macs, tablets, and more). The rooms will also include quality writing surfaces, wi-fi, sufficient electrical outlets for all team members, soundproofing, glass partitions to ensure the safety of students, and coat hooks.

Since methods of teaching and learning across disciplines increasingly encourage teamwork among students, the group study rooms will provide them with the space and tools to help them develop the valuable skills necessary for their future success.