The Transformation project will introduce a vertical landscaping system throughout the Webster Library.  Nine panels of landscaping will be distributed on all four floors of the library.  They will provide a better indoor air quality, promote occupants’ wellbeing, enhance the learning and working environment and, finally, reduce the noise through absorption.  This ecological choice provided the opportunity for the students, through the Library Services Fund, to demonstrate concretely their commitment towards the project.

Plant modules will be installed in separate units to ensure that plants can be maintained and removed individually for servicing or replacement.  Watering will be achieved through a sophisticated automatic irrigation control system and annual maintenance.  An additional lighting system will complement the standard lighting system since there is not enough natural or artificial light available.  Ten to twelve hours of light per day will ensure that the plants will thrive for many years to come.  All “plantscapes” will be located in the most public spaces of the Webster Library, near the elevator cores (as per the rendering below).

green wall

A rendering of the future vertical landscaping of the renovated Webster Library. © Menkès Shooner Dagenais Letourneux Architectes

Various factors can influence the selection of plants for a specific environment such as light levels, design and growing habits. Light is usually the key factor governing plant choice as well as local availability.  The selection has not been done yet. This new “green touch” will certainly become a landmark of the renovated Webster Library. Students and staff alike will enjoy the benefits of these plants for years to come.