Webster Library gave the mandate to a consulting firm specialized in institutional signage to develop a concept consistent with and appropriate for this special Transformation. The new signage will convey the many messages users decode each time they analyse a new physical space. It will also facilitate visitors’ orientation in the library building, consolidate the spatial identity of their specific location and inform them about the library’s space and its specific functions. Following the new university policy, the signage will be in English and in French.

Many elements must be considered in developing the signage concept, for example:

  • the physical context (streets, architecture);
  • the naming of the location and the activities taking place there (Circulation Desk, Group Study Rooms);
  • the ‘family’ of intervention signage (index, directions);
  • the marketing and communication programs (event announcement; security alert);
  • the artistic interventions (permanent or temporary);
  • technical support (digital screen, GPS).

The impact of the flow of daily users at different moments of the year is also considered and assessed.

You will find below an excerpt from the presentation submitted by the signage consultants. The photo below shows side views of the stairwells. You will note that the oversized floor number will be visible from both the Atrium and from inside the library, hence giving the ‘reverse effect’ of the number indicating each floor from every perspective.

Floor number signage

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