Construction work is progressing according to schedule in LB3 East and in the future classrooms on LB3 West (rooms 320 and 322). Construction for the ventilation, plumbing, architectural and electrical work for Phase 1 is now completed. Walls are being put up, the frames for the three group study rooms located in LB3 East are built and the ceiling is now painted in black.


Frames for group study rooms on LB3 East


LB3 East under construction, with group study rooms in the background

MSDL_03_Group Study Room

What the group study rooms will look like once construction is finished in LB3 East

The Library has a plan for moving the shelves and books for this and subsequent phases of the Webster Library Transformation. A specialized mover has been hired and will help coordinate this very delicate operation. The move of books with call numbers A through G is expected to take place in August 2015. New frames and posts for the shelving will be acquired and this will allow for the accommodation of an eighth shelf in several sections of the Library.

What’s next?

You may be wondering what exactly is included in Phase 1. The following spaces will be completed by the end of Phase 1:

  • 3 group study rooms
  • 1 seminar/thesis defense room
  • Collaborative learning space (see image below)
  • Friends of the Library/zero-noise room (see image below)
  • Shelving for book collections
  • 2 large enclosed reading rooms with:
    • 204 seats at tables
    • 96 seats at tables with desktop computers
    • 154 seats at carrels

In all, this represents more than 450 individual spaces to address the concerns voiced by students for more quality space in the library. The acquisition of furniture (desks, chairs, and tables) is almost completed. We expect to receive the furniture and technology for installation in July/August and be ready for the beginning of the fall semester.

MSDL_05_Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library/zero-noise room

Note: The furniture in this rendering is used only to illustrate the type of furniture appreciated by our students.

Collaborative learning space

Part of LB3 West

Only the 2 classrooms are currently under construction:

  • 1 multi-functional classroom
  • 1 visualization classroom (the “shell” of the visualization classroom will be delivered in Phase 1; the implementation of the visualization technology such as projectors and screens, will be done later, in Phase 4)
  • CLUES stations
  • North side staircase

Detailed plan of LB3




A: 3 group study rooms
B: seminar/thesis defense room
C: collaborative learning space
D: 2 large quiet reading rooms
E: shelving for collections (books)
F: Friends of the Library/zero-noise room
G: Multi-functional classroom
H: visualization classroom
I: kitchenette (for special events)
J: storage