Great care went into choosing furniture for the Webster Transformation, but special attention was paid to the furniture for the Friends of the Library Room (outlined in green above) because of its very nature. The Friends of the Library Room will be used in special occasions, for receptions, gatherings, and visits of guests of honour. It is equipped with a service area for food (a kitchenette is located close by). When not reserved for special occasions, students will be allowed to use it. It will be designated as a zero-noise room: no keyboards, no phones, and no chatting will be permitted. Below are pictures of the “Cahoot” work chair, the “Catifa” lounge chair, and the “Lo” pouf. Again, it is important to note that the upholstery fabrics shown below are NOT the fabrics selected by the Mobilier, Appareillage et Outillage (MAO) committee.

"Cahoot" work chair

“Cahoot” work chair (Keilhauer)

"Catifa 70" lounge chair (Arper)

“Catifa 70” lounge chair (Arper)

"Pouf Lo" (Keilhauer)

“Lo” pouf (Keilhauer)