All of the Webster Library books with call numbers from A to G were moved from LB-3 West to the newly-renovated LB-3 East section. This means that visitors can find books on these topics now on LB-3 East:

A – General works

B – Philosophy, psychology, religion

C – Auxiliary sciences of history (e.g., archaeology, biography)

D – World history and history of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

E, F – History of the Americas

G – Geography, anthropology, recreation

An eighth shelf was added to the bookcases, which helps us store more books using fewer square metres.  Special made-to-measure movable ladders are available on LB-3 to help users reach the eighth shelf safely.

The Vanier Library also has many books with call numbers from A to G. A book’s location is available in the Discovery Search or Library Catalogue. Read more about what materials are categorized under which call number in the Library of Congress Classification System, used in academic libraries.