I am so proud of this project to revitalize the Webster Library, and this space is spectacularly beautiful.  Truly space for a 21st century education!  Bravo!  Merci!
Dr. Alan Shepard

I was a Concordia student when Webster opened in the early 90’s.  It was a great day for Concordia.  Now to see the space expanded, transformed and modernized for the 21st century is such a thrill!  So proud of the transformed Webster Library (and this is only Phase 1!) and of Concordia.
Dr. Benoit-Antoine  Bacon

Amazing!  I am completely speechless.  Very happy that WE have such a beautiful library.  Proud to be a ConU student. XO

Very nice but also useful!  A great upgrade!  Beautiful lighting.  Love how much more modern it is.  Lovely job! ☺

Love it!!! What an amazing renovation! It’s so beautiful to the zen! 10/10 🙂

I am in love; I feel like I am gonna be studying a lot through my university life; Thank you ♥

Very, very nice.  Amazing actually!  So happy there is a sufficient amount of study tables for students.  Love the white-boards that move around.  Hopefully the other floors will catch up soon!!  ♥♥

This new room here (India Room) is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  My favorite spot at Concordia to study. ♥

This is the future.

I will come here every day!!! Pc is great!  Sofa is great!

Love seeing the old books in the new space!!! Wow!!!

The glass and wood elements are lovely!  Thanks!  More investment in library space is always appreciated.

Smashing additions!

This place is sexy! 😉

What the hell!  Looks fabulous!  I’ve studied here for 6 years and am doing my second degree and this kind of investment in infrastructure is what keeps me coming back.   Work with students and administration can accomplish great things!

Best library ever! ♥

I LOVE the wood touch!  And the power plugs. ♥

Renovate the 4th floor please!! ☺

Avec ce genre de réaction unanime, si le LB4 n’est pas renové, je serai bien surprise!

Nicest library I’ve seen in a while.  Makes me want to stay and study forever.  Good job!


I LOVE IT.  Environment is good. Positive vibes now.  Changes always bring something new and attractive. Keep it up ☺ Spread love!  Peace out.

I love the Zero-Noise Room.  Everyone is so quiet!  Congratulations on that! ☺

You are just too amazing.  I want my kids, and future kids of my kids to study here!! I love coming to school now. ☺

So prettyyy.