“It’s a beautiful day.  We’re in a beautiful place!”

Students found their way to LB5 quickly and easily. Let’s read what they had to say about Phase 2 of the great Webster Transformation:


Fantastic space!

Very well designed and renovated.  Impressive colors selected.

Great job!  It’s amazingly done and great design.

The new spaces are nice & I love the individual lighting of the desk space. J

New space is fire.

Really a state-of-the-art library with lots of space and well designed.

Great example of architecture interior and engineering design for a library.  Amazing!  Good work Concordia Libraries! 🙂

This space is very beautiful, very engaging, and very quiet.  I love the painting on the walls.  I can now study better and it has a vibrant vibe.

It is an awesome place to sit and study!  Especially the graduate study space!  Loving it. ♥

[…] this is a terrific investment.  To those who pushed for better/improved student facilities, such as the recent library renovations, thank you.

[…] Concordia keeps reinventing itself and I like what I’m seeing!

Thank you for this library, and for allowing me to have an education.

Thank you for this library.  It’s my bday & this is an amazing bday gift!

I love the colors, great vibes, great job! ♥

Wow! The library looks great.  Excited to study here for my last semester.

Feels very open, bright, and welcoming!  Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest!

Need television and Xbox to play.

We found representation of many countries by room names & I am very much disappointed to see that Pakistan is missing! (followed by votes…)

Make a Lebanon room!

We Lithuanians, love the Lithuanian room!

Yes for Uruguay room. 🙂

Spain room is pretty sweet.

OMG So Buuuuteeful! From Pakistan! 🙂

Thank you.  Da best.

I’m finally glad I pay tuition @ this school. Lil’ café wouldn’t hurt tho…

I am in love with the 5th floor.  Such a wonderful investment.  The colors are amazing.  Keep it up Concordia. XOXO 🙂

Très joli endroit, vaste, convivial, ceci dit, on aimerait une place où l’on pourrait manger tranquillement car étudier donne faim!!! […]

This place is yummy.  Miam, miam, trop miam.

So cupie ♥

Many hugsies!

It’s gorgeous!! 🙂

The reno was so necessary!

 […] stricter penalties should be needed out to minimize students that will want to destroy this massive investment.

Hi!  I am a student at ConU.  My Library, this Library, is my favorite in aaaalllll […].  Very best.  Really like it.  Good job Concordia!

Love the way you have made use of the space.  Amazing organization of the shelves and really love the group study area!  Thank you so much.

Beyond amazing!  We entered into a new era of studying.  Excellent job.

Thanks for making this great space for us to study and research.  It looks amazing.

Love the group study areas!  Chairs are great. 🙂

Lovely studying experience.  Thank you.

Feels amazing being here…wonderful place to study…I always believed that the environment one study’s in has a crucial effect on their concentration…I admire the fact that the designers of this floor have considered this same belief…

Excited to study!  Thank you! ♥

Fantastic concept!  The lighting situation is unbelievable & very necessary.  Thank you.