Touch screens for study room reservations are now beside group study rooms on LB3 and LB5 and are planned to be rolled out in other locations in the future.

Use these touch screens to:

  • Check in (required): Within 30 minutes of the start of your reservation, check in on the tablet with your netname and password to let us know you’re there. Reservations not checked in will automatically be shortened to make the room available for others.
  • Reserve: Book a room on the spot using the touch screen or book anytime online.
  • Modify: Modify your reservation length, start time or end time.
  • End: End your reservation early, making the room available for others.

The tablets also let you see the status of the group study room:

Green Available

Yellow Awaiting check-in

Red Occupied


Sample tablet screen showing that the room is awaiting check-in.