The new Circulation area will be labelled ‘Loans’ and ‘Returns’ in order to be more intuitive for users and reflect the purpose of the space. This decision was based on research and observation of new trends in naming services in libraries.
Architects from MSDL and Facilities Management analyzed the space and the current furniture and reviewed the following points:

  • The height and width of the desks and furniture,
  • The repetitive movements of receiving and storing laptops and demagnetizing books, and
  • The fact that the work area has to be designed for left and right-handed staff.

The new desks will essentially be the same height as the current desk. The accessible desk, however, will be at a height of 29 inches in order to accommodate users in wheelchairs.

The following elements are also included in the design:

  • A rolling cart for extra space if needed,
  • The book return bins are adjustable electronically, and
  • The laptop storage is at a comfortable height (61 in. for top shelf; and 19 in. for lower shelf).