By carefully listening to the expressed suggestions of our users, once completed, the Webster Library Transformation will feature 22 different types of study and research environments: from the quiet reading rooms with individual light controls and electrical outlets, to carrels, group study rooms, banquettes and cozy chairs, as well as high tables, workstations, a technology sandbox, a data visualization studio, and more. The latest addition: The Journals (Recent Issues)/Magazines sitting area to be located on LB-2 should be ready in February.

In case you have not been keeping count, here below are the 22 different types of study and research environments referred to above:

  1. Individual seats
  2. Seats with a desktop computer
  3. Carrels (with 8-inch high dividers)
  4. Carrels (with 14-inch high dividers)
  5. Areas with soft seating for informal group work
  6. Large tables at counter height for group work
  7. Banquettes and round tables for informal group work
  8. Group study rooms with a large screen with Wi-Fi or wired ports and multiple power outlets
  9. Presentation practice rooms with easy recording equipment (to come)
  10. Consultation rooms to facilitate meeting and obtaining expertise from a librarian
  11. Individual tables along the atrium enabling students to work individually while remaining in a social learning environment
  12. Standing desks responding to a need expressed during student consultations (to come)
  13. Reading rooms for graduate students only
  14. Three dissertation writers’ rooms that provide ideal conditions for our graduate students to write their dissertations or theses
  15. A graduate students’ lounge that provides a space for informal conversations between students
  16. Classrooms
  17. Fully equipped multifunctional rooms for faculty members and librarians to carry out teaching and learning activities
  18. A technology sandbox where students can learn and experiment with new technology, including 3D printers (to come)
  19. A data visualization studio to enable displays and animations of still and moving images on three walls with or without sound (to come)
  20. A seminar and thesis defense room that can host closed symposia, seminars, meetings or lectures and that has been designed especially with thesis defense in mind
  21. Immediately adjacent to the seminar room, the Friends of the Library Room offers a dual space function. It can be used for a social function like a book launch or a thesis defense celebration or can become a zero-noise room for students who wish to enjoy an extremely quiet environment.
  22. Journals (Recent Issues)/Magazines sitting areas (to come)