Concordia has a huge collection of books: over 1.5 million titles, but this collection is small in comparison to our digital collections. We subscribe to over 500 databases, giving access to over 100,000 journals, tens of millions of articles, reports, e-books, and more. Last year, digital resources were accessed via the Library almost 31.5 million times, an increase of 68% in five years*. Most research in the 21st century is born digital and the Concordia Library spends 80% of its budget* on acquiring access to this premium, high-quality research—the best of what the world knows. You cannot find this digital content in Google or on the shelf in the library.

Digital content has many advantages over print formats: you can access it from anywhere, on any device, you can CTRL+F to search it, save it on your computer, and multiple users can access it at any time. However, you can’t really touch it or browse it like you would browse for books in the library.

With the Digital Collections Discovery project, we wanted to inspire you with this digital content and help you stumble upon items that you maybe didn’t even know existed. The Digital Collections Discovery counter provides a visual and playful way to see this content. You can touch and interact with it. It’s meant to help you learn, get inspired, and get academic sources for your university work. It has journal articles dynamically generated from current events topics, exhibitions of articles, books and multimedia on thought-provoking topics, and new e-books added to the Library catalogue.

You can interact with this large touch-screen counter: add items to your favourites and email them to yourself, you can even search too!

The Digital Collections Discovery counter will be located on LB-2 West, which reopens on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

The content changes all the time. It’s just a small part of our vast digital collections. To access our full digital collections, go to our website and search the catalogue, the Discovery Search, or databases.

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Concordia Library 2015-16 Annual Report