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Excerpts from our Webster Library Transformation guest book, part 2

“It’s a beautiful day.  We’re in a beautiful place!” Students found their way to LB5 quickly and easily. Let’s read what they had to say about Phase 2 of the great Webster Transformation:   Fantastic space! Very well designed and… Continue Reading →

Excerpts from our Webster Library Transformation guest book

I am so proud of this project to revitalize the Webster Library, and this space is spectacularly beautiful.  Truly space for a 21st century education!  Bravo!  Merci! Dr. Alan Shepard I was a Concordia student when Webster opened in the… Continue Reading →

Concordia Libraries invite you to develop Estimote Beacon apps for smart phones

We’re piloting an Estimote Beacon project in the Webster Library. Estimote Beacons are miniature wireless sensors that can be attached to any location or object and send tiny radio signals that contain information about a location or object to surrounding… Continue Reading →

Update on the furniture consultation process

Thank you to those of you who tried out sample furniture for the new Webster Library in October and November of last year.  These furniture consultations were a very important component of the Webster Library Transformation project and input received… Continue Reading →

Furniture selection for durability and comfort

You wrote: Having worked in furniture design, I feel I should caution you on what I’ve seen so far.  Be careful choosing modern furniture with little padding.  The padding won’t be durable and you will find your wasting your money. … Continue Reading →

Furniture suppliers and prices

You wrote: To help us choose, can you also give a list of prices corresponding to each furniture item number, and the company names that provide the furniture? The furniture consultation process was not intended to identify specifically which furniture… Continue Reading →

What’s happening with the old furniture?

You wrote: I was just wondering what you would be doing with the old library furniture if the library will be renovated (as part of the Webster Library Transformation Project)? The University’s Facilities department is currently working on finding new… Continue Reading →

Laptop locks and bookshelves

You wrote: “I hope that any new furniture will include the possibility of locking our laptops with a cable.  We need a place to pass the cable that is secure. Also a shelf for books would be useful.” Thank you for… Continue Reading →

Furniture consultations

Please join us to help select furniture and and the layout for the new study spaces. We are holding furniture consultations on LB3 in the Webster Library from October 27 to November 14. Come try out new furniture and tell… Continue Reading →

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