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A glimpse at the furniture coming to the Collaboration Space

The Collaboration Space is located around the main Atrium on LB3 East. Only the Collaboration Space on the East side is currently being renovated as indicated by the orange rectangle below. It will include 3 fully-equipped Group Study Rooms and… Continue Reading →

Sneak peek of LB3

Renovations are nearing completion on LB3 East. We’re looking forward to opening this brand new part of the Webster Library this fall.

Phase 2 (LB5) starting soon

The contractor will be starting Phase 2 of the Webster Library Transformation as soon as possible. Phase 2 will consist of the renovation of the entire fifth floor. LB5 East will include the graduate students’ rooms and two additional study rooms… Continue Reading →

Phase 1: Close to completion

Construction work is progressing according to schedule in LB3 East and in the future classrooms on LB3 West (rooms 320 and 322). Construction for the ventilation, plumbing, architectural and electrical work for Phase 1 is now completed. Walls are being… Continue Reading →

Living walls coming to the Webster Library

The Transformation project will introduce a vertical landscaping system throughout the Webster Library.  Nine panels of landscaping will be distributed on all four floors of the library.  They will provide a better indoor air quality, promote occupants’ wellbeing, enhance the… Continue Reading →

LB3 East: Before, during, and after

Do you remember the wide open space on LB3 East from earlier this year? It’s currently under construction. If you look closely at the the “during” photo of LB3 East below, you will see the framing of a group study room. The photo below provides… Continue Reading →

Dissertation writers’ rooms

Graduate students often feel isolated when writing their theses.  Although this period of their studies is crucial, discussions with these students often reveal that they feel less supported during this important time that is both intellectually and psychologically challenging. The… Continue Reading →

Finding it a bit noisy in the library? Grab some earplugs

The Webster Library has collaborated with the Campus Corner store to bring you a vending machine where for $2 you can get a pair of good quality 3M earplugs at any time of day or night. Located next to the library entrance close… Continue Reading →

Alternative study spaces on campus

Concordia University is transforming the Webster Library as part of an overall plan to improve the efficiency and quality of library spaces and to respond to the needs of a growing student population. The east side of LB-3 is closed… Continue Reading →

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