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Chemistry, Geology - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Titles in the call number range QD - QE (Chemistry, Geology) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • Transport and NMR studies of charge glass in organic conductors with quasi-triangular lattices Takuro Sato

  • Chemical complexity self-organization processes in molecular systems / Alexander S. Mikhailov, Gerhard Ertl

  • An overview of the SIGMA Research Project a European approach to seismic hazard analysis / Alain Pecker... [et al.]

  • Crystallography and Surface Structure : an Introduction for Service Scientists and Nanoscientists
    QD 921 H484 2017eb
    A valuable learning tool as well as a reference, this book provides students and researchers in surface science and nanoscience with the theoretical crystallographic foundations, which are necessary to understand local structure and symmetry of bulk crystals, including ideal and real single crystal surfaces. The author deals with the subject at an introductory level, providing numerous graphic examples to illustrate the mathematical formalism. The book brings together and logically connects many seemingly disparate structural issues and notations used frequently by surface scientists and nanoscientists. Numerous exercises of varying difficulty, ranging from simple questions to small research projects, are included to stimulate discussions about the different subjects.

    From the contents:
    Bulk Crystals, Three-Dimensional Lattices
    - Crystal Layers, Two-Dimensional Lattices, Symmetry
    - Ideal Single Crystal Surfaces
    - Real Crystal Surfaces
    - Adsorbate layers
    - Interference Lattices
    - Chiral Surfaces
    - Experimental Analysis of Real Crystal Surfaces
    - Nanoparticles and Crystallites
    - Quasicrystals
    - Nanotubes

  • The Union of Chemistry and Physics Linkages, Reduction, Theory Nets and Ontology / Hinne Hettema

  • Synthetic procedures in nucleic acid chemistry, edited by W. Werner Zorbach and R. Stuart Tipson
    QD 262 Z6 1968

  • Visualizing geology / Barbara Murck, PhD, University of Toronto, Brian Skinner, PhD Yale University
    QE 26.3 M87 2015

    This text is an unbound, three hole punched version. Access to WileyPLUS sold separately.

    Visualizing Geology, Binder Ready Version, 4th Edition introduces students to geology and Earth system science through the distinctive mode of visual learning that is the hallmark of the Wiley Visualizing series. Readers learn that the geologic features we see and experience result from interactions among three grand cycles, which extend from Earths core to the fringes of our atmosphere: the tectonic cycle, the rock cycle, and the water cycle.

  • The mountains that remade America : how Sierra Nevada geology impacts modern life / Craig H. Jones
    QE 90 S5 J66 2017
    From ski towns to national parks, fresh fruit to environmental lawsuits, the Sierra Nevada has changed the way Americans live. Whether and where there was gold to be mined redefined land, mineral, and water laws. Where rain falls (and where it doesn't) determines whose fruit grows on trees and whose appears on slot machines. All this emerges from the geology of the range and how it changed history, and in so doing, changed the country.

    The Mountains That Remade America combines geology with history to show how the particular forces and conditions that created the Sierra Nevada have effected broad outcomes and influenced daily life in the United States in the past and how they continue to do so today. Drawing connections between events in historical geology and contemporary society, Craig H. Jones makes geological science accessible and shows the vast impact this mountain range has had on the American West.

  • Progress in the chemistry of organic natural products. A. Douglas Kinghorn, Heinz Falk, Simon Gibbons, Jun'ichi Kobayashi, editors ; with contributions by H.-P. Chen [and more]

  • Peptidomimetics I edited by William D. Lubell

  • Engineering crystallography : from molecule to crystal to functional form / edited by Kevin J. Roberts, Robert Docherty and Rui Tamura

  • Endohedral lithium-containing fullerenes preparation, derivatization, and application / Yutaka Matsuo, Hiroshi Okada, Hiroshi Ueno

  • Heterocyclic N-oxides / Oleg V. Larionov, editor ; with contributions by D. E. Chavez [and more]

  • Phosphate labeling and sensing in chemical biology Henning Jacob Jessen, editor ; with contributions from G. Michael Blackburn... [et al.]

  • Plant fossils from the Pennsylvanian-Permian Transition in western Pangea, Abo Pass, New Mexico / William A. DiMichele [and four others]
    QE 989 P53 2017

  • Solutions manual for Exploring chemical analysis, fifth edition / Daniel C. Harris
    QD 75.22 H3683 2012

  • The practice of absorption spectrophotometry / E.I. Stearns
    QD 117 P5S8
    Lawrence Cunningham has collated Warren Buffett's letters into a single volume, providing readers with the chance to gain an insight into this master of investment. The letters distil all the basic principles of Buffett's business practices.
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