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Research skills workshops

Research Skills Workshops

The Concordia University Libraries offer a variety of workshops to help you to identify, find, manage, and evaluate the information needed for your studies and research.

Our workshops are friendly, interactive, and informative, and are available at various times throughout the semester.

Your Feedback

To ensure our workshops and resources continue to meet your needs we welcome your feedback. Please click on the link below to let us know how we can continue to develop the Library Workshop Series and other resources.

Here's your chance to make a difference and suggest ways to improve the support we offer you.

Library Workshop Feedback Form

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Support from your Subject Librarian

The subject librarian for your department offers subject-specific advice to help you find, evaluate and manage the most relevant research information for your program.  They can also advise on referencing your work correctly.

Each librarian has created an online research guide to help you to find resources for your class assignments. If you can't find what you need via your research guide, you can contact your subject librarian and make an appointment to see them.

Subject-specific or course-specific workshops also take place throughout the academic year. Contact your subject librarian for more information or to request a workshop for your class.

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