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A - General Works - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in General Works that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 120 days.

  • Touch in the helping professions : research, practice and ethics / edited by Martin Rovers, Judith Malette and Manal Guirguis-Younger
    aRC 489 T69T54 2018eb
    Touch may well be one of the least understood or talked about subjects in the helping professions. A discussion on the importance and ethics of positive, caring, and appropriate touch in professions such as teaching, nursing and counselling is long overdue. Touch in the Helping Professions delivers just that, weaving together scholarly evidence, research and clinical practice from a wide range of perspectives encompassing philosophy, theology, psychology, and anthropology to challenge assumptions about the role of touch in the helping professions.
    The contributors to the volume focus not only on the overarching roles of gender, age, culture and life experience, but go beyond to encompass canine-assisted therapy, touch deprivation, sacred objects, as well as key ethical considerations. The prevailing lack of dialogue, due to fear of contravening ethical boundaries, has stood in the way of an open and responsible discussion on the use of touch in therapy. Touch in the Helping Professions is a welcome and much needed contribution to the field--a window onto a fundamental need.

  • Guide to programming for the digital humanities : lessons for introductory Python / Brian Kokensparger

  • The life of learning : the Charles Homer Haskins lectures of the American Council of Learned Societies / edited by Douglas Greenberg, Stanley N. Katz ; with the assistance of Candace Frede
    AC 5 L544 1994eb

  • Curating the future : museums, communities and climate change / edited by Jennifer Newell, Libby Robin and Kirsten Wehner
    AM 7 C88 2017eb

  • Museums, Power, Knowledge : Selected Essays / Tony Bennett
    AM 135 B46 2018

  • Expérimenter les humanités numériques : des outils individuels aux projets collectifs / sous la direction de Étienne Cavalié, Frédéric Clavert, Olivier Legendre et Dana Martin
    AZ 105 G84 2017eb

  • A Feminist Companion to the Posthumanities Cecilia Åsberg, Rosi Braidotti

  • Shaping knowledge : the transmission of the Liber floridus / Hanna Vorholt
    AE 2 L363 V67 2017

  • Exhibiting atrocity : memorial museums and the politics of past violence / Amy Sodaro
    AM 7 S643 2018
    Today, nearly any group or nation with violence in its past has constructed or is planning a memorial museum as a mechanism for confronting past trauma, often together with truth commissions, trials, and/or other symbolic or material reparations. Exhibiting Atrocity documents the emergence of the memorial museum as a new cultural form of commemoration, and analyzes its use in efforts to come to terms with past political violence and to promote democracy and human rights.

    Through a global comparative approach, Amy Sodaro uses in-depth case studies of five exemplary memorial museums that commemorate a range of violent pasts and allow for a chronological and global examination of the trend: the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC; the House of Terror in Budapest, Hungary; the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre in Rwanda; the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Santiago, Chile; and the National September 11 Memorial Museum in New York. Together, these case studies illustrate the historical emergence and global spread of the memorial museum and show how this new cultural form of commemoration is intended to be used in contemporary societies around the world.

  • The anatomy of a museum : an insider's text / Steven Miller
    AM 5 M627 2018
    Written by a museum professional and based on a course taught for many years, The Anatomy of a Museum is an engaging and accessible volume that provides a unique insider's guide to what museums are and how they operate.
    An insider's view of the rarefied world of the museum that provides a refreshing and unique account of the reality of the workings of museum life The material has been successfully tested in a course that the author has taught for 14 years Miller has extensive experience at all levels of museum work, from painting walls for exhibitions to museum directorship Clearly and engagingly written, the book covers all the component parts and various disciplines of museum operations, and opinions and perspectives are drawn from a deep knowledge of the field Includes useful pedagogical material, including questions, discussion topics, and a range of anecdotes

  • The private museum of the future / Cristina Bechtler & Dora Imhof [editors]
    AM 231 P75 2018
    Given the current panorama of growing private initiatives, The Private Museum of the Future tackles this central issue in museology and contemporary society.It asks the questions: What inspires private collectors to build a museum? How do they view their relationship with other institutions? What plans they have for the future of their museums? In what forms private museums can contribute to innovative ways of dealing with contemporary art? What can they do that other institutions cannot? And how can they establish an ongoing relation with the public and society?Private museums have existed for a long time, but over the past decade many major collectors have founded new museums all over the world, from Cape Town to Dhaka, Athens to Los Angeles. These projects are often greeted as generous initiatives combining innovative architecture with the visibility of contemporary art. They could also be seen as competitors to public institutions.This book features interviews with 24 renowned private museum founders including: Ziba Ardalan (Parasol unit, London), Eli Broad (The Broad Museum, Los Angeles), Jochen Zeitz (Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town), Eugenio López Alonso (Museo Jumex, Mexico City), and Dakis Joannou (Deste Foundation, Athens), among various others.Essays by the editors, Cristina Bechtler and Dora Imhof, and also an afterword by Chris Dercon (General Director of the Volksbühne Theater, Berlin and former Director of Tate Modern, London) explore the topic and the relationship between public and private institutions and museums worldwide.The book is part of the Documents series, co-published with Les presses du réel and dedicated to critical writing.
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