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T - Technology - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Technology that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Fiber reinforced concrete for sustainable structures / editors: Corina-Maria Aldea, Mahmut Ekenel
    TA 444 F484 2015 CD-ROM

  • Fracture mechanics : applications in concrete / Cristián Gaedicke, PhD, PE, Amanda Bordelon, PhD, PE, editors
    TA 440 F733 2015 CD-ROM

  • The Impact of Cognition on Radar Technology / edited by Alfonso Farina, Antonio De Maio and Simon Haykin
    TK 6592 A9 I47 2017eb

    Cognitive dynamic systems are inspired by the computational capability of the brain and the viewpoint that cognition is a supreme form of computation. The key idea behind this new paradigm is to mimic the human brain as well as that of other mammals with echolocation capabilities which continuously learn and react to stimulations according to four basic processes: perception-action cycle, memory, attention, and intelligence.

    The Impact of Cognition on Radar Technology is an essential exploration of the application of cognitive concepts in the development of modern phased array radar systems for surveillance. It starts by asking whether our current radar systems already have cognitive capabilities and then discusses topics including: mimicking the visual brain; applications to CFAR detection and receiver adaptation; cognitive radar waveform design for spectral compatibility; cognitive optimization of the transmitter-receiver pair; theory and application of cognitive control; cognition in radar target tracking; anticipative target tracking; cognition in MIMO radar, electronic warfare, and synthetic aperture radar. The book concludes with a cross-disciplinary review of cognition studies with potential lessons for radar systems.

  • Novel radar techniques and applications. edited by Richard Klemm, Hugh Griffiths, Wolfgang Koch
    TK 7871.674 N68 2017eb

    Novel Radar Techniques and Applications presents the state-of-the-art in advanced radar, with emphasis on ongoing novel research and development and contributions from an international team of leading radar experts. Each section gives an overview of the latest research and perspectives of the future, and includes a number of chapters dedicated to specific techniques in conjunction with existing operational, experimental or conceptual applications.

    This volume covers:

    Waveform diversity and cognitive radar , including holistic design of physical radar emissions; waveform design for spectral coexistence; adaptive OFDM waveform design for spatio-temporal-sparsity exploited STAP radar; applications of noise radar; bioinspired radar techniques; concept of the intelligent radar network; clutter diversity; and cognitive radar management. Target tracking and data fusion , including posterior Cram#65533;r-Rao bounds for target tracking; tracking and fusion in log-spherical state space with application to collision avoidance and kinematic ranging; multistatic tracking for passive radar applications; radar-based ground surveillance; multiplatform radar surveillance for aerial and maritime surveillance; person tracking and data fusion for UWB radar applications; and sensor management for radar networks.

  • Novel radar techniques and applications. edited by Richard Klemm, Ulrich Nickel, Christoph Gierull, Pierfrancesco Lombardo
    TK 6575 N68 2017eb

    Novel Radar Techniques and Applications presents the state-of-the-art in advanced radar, with emphasis on ongoing novel research and development and contributions from an international team of leading radar experts. Each section gives an overview of the latest research and perspectives of the future, and includes a number of chapters dedicated to specific techniques in conjunction with existing operational, experimental or conceptual applications.

    This volume covers:

    Waveform diversity and cognitive radar , including holistic design of physical radar emissions; waveform design for spectral coexistence; adaptive OFDM waveform design for spatio-temporal-sparsity exploited STAP radar; applications of noise radar; bioinspired radar techniques; concept of the intelligent radar network; clutter diversity; and cognitive radar management. Target tracking and data fusion , including posterior Cram#65533;r-Rao bounds for target tracking; tracking and fusion in log-spherical state space with application to collision avoidance and kinematic ranging; multistatic tracking for passive radar applications; radar-based ground surveillance; multiplatform radar surveillance for aerial and maritime surveillance; person tracking and data fusion for UWB radar applications; and sensor management for radar networks.

  • High frequency MOSFET gate drivers : technologies and applications / ZhiLiang Zhang and Yan-Fei Liu
    TK 7871.95 Z43 2017eb

    This book describes high frequency power MOSFET gate driver technologies, including gate drivers for GaN HEMTs, which have great potential in the next generation of switching power converters. Gate drivers serve as a critical role between control and power devices.

    In recent years, there has been a trend to increase the switching frequency beyond multi-MHz in switching power converters to reduce the passive components and significantly improve power density. However, this results in high switching loss and gate driver loss in power MOSFETs. The novel approach in this book is the proposed Current Source Gate Driver (CSD) including different topologies, control and applications. The CSD can reduce the switching transition time and switching loss significantly, and recover high frequency gate driver loss compared to conventional voltage gate drivers. The basic idea can also be extended to other power devices to improve high frequency switching performance such as SiC MOSFET and IGBT. Topics covered in the book include the state-of-the-art of power MOSFET drive techniques, the switching loss model, current source gate drivers (CSDs), resonant gate drivers, adaptive gate drivers and GaN HEMT gate drivers.

    The book is essential reading for design engineers, researchers and advanced students working in switching power supplies and in power electronics generally.

  • Controlling language in industry : controlled languages for technical documents

  • Algorithms for sensor systems : 13th International Symposium on Algorithms and Experiments for Wireless Sensor Networks, ALGOSENSORS 2017, Vienna, Austria, September 7-8, 2017, Revised selected papers / Antonio Fernández Anta, Tomasz Jurdzinski, Miguel A. Mosteiro, Yanyong Zhang (editions.)

  • Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems : AAMAS 2017 Workshops, Visionary Papers, São Paulo, Brazil, May 8-12, 2017, Revised Selected Papers / edited by Gita Sukthankar, Juan A. Rodriguez-Aguilar

  • VLSI design and test : 21st International Symposium, VDAT 2017, Roorkee, India, June 29-July 2, 2017, Revised selected papers / Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, Sudeb Dasgupta, Virendra Singh (editions.)

  • Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Bifunctional Catalysts / Zhen Fang, Richard L. Smith Jr., Hu Li, editors

  • Challenges in fluid dynamics : a new approach / R. Kh. Zeytounian
    This monograph presents a synopsis of fluid dynamics based on the personal scientific experience of the author who has contributed immensely to the field. The interested reader will also benefit from the general historical context in which the material is presented in the book. The book covers a wide range of relevant topics of the field, and the main tool being rational asymptotic modelling (RAM) approach. The target audience primarily comprises experts in the field of fluid dynamics, but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.

  • Ethical and social issues in the information age / Joseph Migga Kizza

  • Manager's guide to SharePoint Server 2016 : tutorials, solutions, and best practices / Heiko Angermann

  • Computer vision : Second CCF Chinese Conference, CCCV 2017, Tianjin, China, October 11-14, 2017, proceedings. Jinfeng Yang, Qinghua Hu, Ming-Ming Cheng, Liang Wang, Qingshan Liu, Xiang Bai, Deyu Meng (editions.)

  • Longwave instabilities and patterns in fluids / Sergey Shklyaev, Alexander Nepomnyashchy

  • Community informatics design applied to digital social systems : communicational foundations, theories and methodologies / Pierre-Léonard Harvey ; translated by Virginie Bucco

  • My Cognitive autoMOBILE Life : digital divorce from a cognitive personal assistant / Sebastian Wedeniwski, Stephen Perun

  • Real-time web application development : with ASP.NET Core, SignalR, Docker, and Azure / Rami Vemula

  • Mathematical aspects of multi-porosity continua / Brian Straughan

  • Web and internet wconomics : 13th International Conference, WINE 2017, Bangalore, India, December 17-20, 2017, Proceedings / Nikhil R. Devanur, Pinyan Lu (editions.)

  • Pattern recognition and machine intelligence : 7th International Conference, PReMI 2017, Kolkata, India, December 5-8, 2017, Proceedings / B. Uma Shankar, Kuntal Ghosh, Deba Prasad Mandal, Shubhra Sankar Ray, David Zhang, Sankar K. Pal (editions.)

  • Advances in modeling and simulation : seminal research from 50 years of winter simulation conferences / Andreas Tolk, John Fowler, Guodong Shao, Enver Yücesan, editors

  • The last of NASA's original pilot astronauts : expanding the space frontier in the late sixties / David J. Shayler and Colin Burgess

  • Carbon footprint and the industrial life cycle : from urban planning to recycling / Roberto Álvarez Fernández, Sergio Zubelzu, Rodrigo Martínez, editors

  • Dream missions : space colonies, nuclear spacecraft and other possibilities / Michel van Pelt

  • Hydrothermal processing in biorefineries : production of bioethanol and high added-value compounds of second and third generation biomass / Héctor A. Ruiz, Mette Hedegaard Thomsen, Heather L. Trajano, editors

  • Reactor core monitoring : background, theory and practical applications / Mihály Makai, János Végh

  • Advance elements of optoisolation circuits : nonlinearity applications in engineering / Ofer Aluf

  • Organic-inorganic composite polymer electrolyte membranes : preparation, properties, and fuel cell applications / Inamuddin, Ali Mohammad, Abdullah M. Asiri, editors

  • Synthesis of nanoparticles and nanomaterials : biological approaches / Zhypargul Abdullaeva

  • Food waste reduction and valorisation : sustainability assessment and policy analysis / Piergiuseppe Morone, Franka Papendiek, Valentina Elena Tartiu, editors

  • Wind turbine aerodynamics and vorticity-based methods : fundamentals and recent applications / Emmanuel Branlard

  • Theory and practice in machining systems / Yoshimi Ito, Takashi Matsumura

  • Green technologies and environmental sustainability / Ritu Singh, Sanjeev Kumar, editors

  • Supplier selection : an MCDA-based approach / Krishnendu Mukherjee

  • Proceedings of the 13th International Scientific Conference : Computer Aided Engineering / Eugeniusz Rusiński, Damian Pietrusiak, editors

  • Technological advances in tellurite glasses : properties, processing, and applications / V.A.G. Rivera, Danilo Manzani, editors

  • Non-logic devices in logic processes / Yanjun Ma, Edwin Kan

  • Internet of Things : building blocks and business models / Fatima Hussain

  • Indoor air quality in healthcare facilities / Stefano Capolongo, Gaetano Settimo, Marco Gola, editors

    This interdisciplinary guide offers background, research findings, and practical strategies for assessing and improving air quality in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Positing good air quality as critical to patient and staff well-being, it identifies disease-carrying microbes, pollutants, and other airborne toxins and their health risks, and provides localized interventions for reducing transmission of pathogens. Effective large-scale approaches to air quality control are also outlined, from green building materials to hygienic HVAC and air treatment practices. Its thoroughness of coverage makes this book a vital resource for professionals involved in every aspect of health service facilities, from planning and construction to maintenance and management.

    Among the topics covered: Existing guidelines in indoor air quality: the case study of hospital environments Hospital environments and epidemiology of healthcare-associated infections Analysis of microorganisms in hospital environments and potential risks Legionella indoor air contamination in healthcare environments HVAC system design in healthcare facilities and control of aerosol contaminants Assessment of indoor air quality in inpatient wards

    Indoor Air Quality in Healthcare Facilities imparts up-to-date expertise to a variety of professional readers, including hospitals' technical and management departments, healthcare facilities' chief medical officers, hospital planners, sport and thermal building designers, public health departments, and students of universities and schools of hygiene.

  • Embedded systems design with special arithmetic and number systems / Amir Sabbagh Molahosseini, Leonel Seabra de Sousa, Chip-Hong Chang, editors

    This book introduces readers to alternative approaches to designing efficient embedded systems using unconventional number systems. The authors describe various systems that can be used for designing efficient embedded and application-specific processors, such as Residue Number System, Logarithmic Number System, Redundant Binary Number System Double-Base Number System, Decimal Floating Point Number System and Continuous Valued Number System. Readers will learn the strategies and trade-offs of using unconventional number systems in application-specific processors and be able to apply and design appropriate arithmetic operations from these number systems to boost the performance of digital systems.

  • Performance evaluation for network services, systems and protocols / Stênio Fernandes ; foreword by Professor Antonio Pescapè

  • Visual attributes / Rogerio Schmidt Feris, Christoph Lampert, Devi Parikh, editors

  • Sustainable machining / J. Paulo Davim, editor

  • 2016 International symposium on experimental robotics / Dana Kulic [and 3 others], editors

  • Bioremediation and sustainable technologies for cleaner environment / Marimuthu Prashanthi, Rajakumar Sundaram, Aravind Jeyaseelan, Thamaraiselvi Kaliannan, editors

  • Modeling, methodologies and tools for molecular and nano-scale communications : modeling, methodologies and tools / Junichi Suzuki, Tadashi Nakano, Michael John Moore, editors

  • Rubber based bionanocomposites : preparation / Visakh P. M., editor

  • Optimal control in thermal engineering / Viorel Badescu

  • Filtering and control of wireless networked systems / Dan Zhang, Qing-Guo Wang, Li Yu

  • Sustainable biofuels development in India / Anuj K. Chandel, Rajeev K. Sukumaran, editors

  • Research and development in the academy, creative industries and applications / Rae Earnshaw

  • In search of the next memory : inside the circuitry from the oldest to the emerging non-volatile memories / Roberto Gastaldi, Giovanni Campardo, editors

    This book provides students and practicing chip designers with an easy-to-follow yet thorough, introductory treatment of the most promising emerging memories under development in the industry. Focusing on the chip designer rather than the end user, this book offers expanded, up-to-date coverage of emerging memories circuit design. After an introduction on the old solid-state memories and the fundamental limitations soon to be encountered, the working principle and main technology issues of each of the considered technologies (PCRAM, MRAM, FeRAM, ReRAM) are reviewed and a range of topics related to design is explored: the array organization, sensing and writing circuitry, programming algorithms and error correction techniques are reviewed comparing the approach followed and the constraints for each of the technologies considered. Finally the issue of radiation effects on memory devices has been briefly treated. Additionally some considerations are entertained about how emerging memories can find a place in the new memory paradigm required by future electronic systems. This book is an up-to-date and comprehensive introduction for students in courses on memory circuit design or advanced digital courses in VLSI or CMOS circuit design. It also serves as an essential, one-stop resource for academics, researchers and practicing engineers.

  • Non-traditional micromachining processes : fundamentals and applications / Golam Kibria, B. Bhattacharyya, J. Paulo Davim, editors

  • Hardware Protection through Obfuscation / edited by Domenic Forte, Swarup Bhunia, Mark M. Tehranipoor
    This book introduces readers to various threats faced during design and fabrication by today's integrated circuits (ICs) and systems. The authors discuss key issues, including illegal manufacturing of ICs or "IC Overproduction," insertion of malicious circuits, referred as "Hardware Trojans", which cause in-field chip/system malfunction, and reverse engineering and piracy of hardware intellectual property (IP). The authors provide a timely discussion of these threats, along with techniques for IC protection based on hardware obfuscation, which makes reverse-engineering an IC design infeasible for adversaries and untrusted parties with any reasonable amount of resources. This exhaustive study includes a review of the hardware obfuscation methods developed at each level of abstraction (RTL, gate, and layout) for conventional IC manufacturing, new forms of obfuscation for emerging integration strategies (split manufacturing, 2.5D ICs, and 3D ICs), and on-chip infrastructure needed for secure exchange of obfuscation keys- arguably the most critical element of hardware obfuscation.

  • Transition curves for highway geometric design / Andrzej Kobryń

  • Ecology of meromictic lakes / Ramesh D. Gulati, Egor S. Zadereev, Andrei G. Degermendzhi, editors

    This volume presents recent advances in the research on meromictic lakes and a state-of-the art overview of this area. After an introduction to the terminology and geographic distribution of meromictic lakes, three concise chapters describe their physical, chemical and biological features. The following eight chapters present case studies of more than a dozen meromictic lakes, showing the variety of physical and biochemical processes that promote meromixis. The result is a broad picture of the ecology and biochemistry of meromictic lakes in tropical and cold regions, in man-made pit lakes and euxinic marine lakes, and in freshwater as well as hypersaline lakes. In the final chapter the editors provide a synthesis of the topic and conclude that the study of meromictic lakes also offers new insights into the limnology of inland lakes. The book appeals to researchers in the fields of ecology, limnology, environmental physics and biophysics.

  • On-surface atomic wires and logic gates : updated in 2016 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Atomic Wires, Krakow, September 2014 / Marek Kolmer, Christian Joachim, editors
    TK 7874.85 O5 2017eb

  • Charge-trapping non-volatile memories. Panagiotis Dimitrakis, editor

    This book describes the technology of charge-trapping non-volatile memories and their uses. The authors explain the device physics of each device architecture and provide a concrete description of the materials involved and the fundamental properties of the technology. Modern material properties, used as charge-trapping layers, for new applications are introduced.

    Provides a comprehensive overview of the technology for charge-trapping non-volatile memories;
    Details new architectures and current modeling concepts for non-volatile memory devices;
    Focuses on conduction through multi-layer gate dielectrics stacks.

  • Functionally graded materials / Rasheedat Modupe Mahamood

  • Information security of highly critical wireless networks / Maurizio Martellini, Stanislav Abaimov, Sandro Gaycken, Clay Wilson

  • Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2017

  • 8th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing / Jiann-Yang Hwang, Tao Jiang, Mark William Kennedy, Onuralp Yücel, P. Chris Pistorius, Varadarajan Seshadri, Baojun Zhao, Dean Gregurek, Ender Keskinkilic, editors

  • Hybrid systems, optimal control and hybrid vehicles : theory, methods and applications / Thomas J. Böhme, Benjamin Frank

  • Handbook of biometrics for forensic science / Massimo Tistarelli, Christophe Champod, editors

  • Design and analysis of control systems : case studies / Humberto Stein Shiromoto

  • Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing : CVIP 2016. Balasubramanian Raman, Sanjeev Kumar, Partha Pratim Roy, Debashis Sen, editors
    TA 1634 I24 2017eb
    This edited volume contains technical contributions in the field of computer vision and image processing presented at the First International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP 2016). The contributions are thematically divided based on their relation to operations at the lower, middle and higher levels of vision systems, and their applications. The technical contributions in the areas of sensors, acquisition, visualization and enhancement are classified as related to low-level operations. They discuss various modern topics - reconfigurable image system architecture, Scheimpflug camera calibration, real-time autofocusing, climate visualization, tone mapping, super-resolution and image resizing.
    The technical contributions in the areas of segmentation and retrieval are classified as related to mid-level operations. They discuss some state-of-the-art techniques - non-rigid image registration, iterative image partitioning, egocentric object detection and video shot boundary detection.
    The technical contributions in the areas of classification and retrieval are categorized as related to high-level operations. They discuss some state-of-the-art approaches - extreme learning machines, and target, gesture and action recognition. A non-regularized state preserving extreme learning machine is presented for natural scene classification. An algorithm for human action recognition through dynamic frame warping based on depth cues is given. Target recognition in night vision through convolutional neural network is also presented. Use of convolutional neural network in detecting static hand gesture is also discussed.
    Finally, the technical contributions in the areas of surveillance, coding and data security, and biometrics and document processing are considered as applications of computer vision and image processing. They discuss some contemporary applications. A few of them are a system for tackling blind curves, a quick reaction target acquisition and tracking system, an algorithm to detect for copy-move forgery based on circle block, a novel visual secret sharing scheme using affine cipher and image interleaving, a finger knuckle print recognition system based on wavelet and Gabor filtering, and a palmprint recognition based on minutiae quadruplets.

  • Free space optical communication / Hemani Kaushal, V.K. Jain, Subrat Kar

    This book provides an in-depth understanding of free space optical (FSO) communication with a particular emphasis on optical beam propagation through atmospheric turbulence. The book is structured in such a way that it provides a basic framework for the beginners and also gives a concise description from a designer's perspective. The book provides an exposure to FSO technology, fundamental limitations, design methodologies, system trade-offs, acquisition, tracking and pointing (ATP) techniques and link-feasibility analysis. The contents of this book will be of interest to professionals and researchers alike. The book may also be used as a textbook for engineering coursework and professional training.

  • Adaptive dynamic programming with applications in optimal control / Derong Liu, Qinglai Wei, Ding Wang, Xiong Yang, Hongliang Li

  • Multiscale simulation approach for battery production systems / Malte Schönemann
    Addressing the challenge of improving battery quality while reducing high costs and environmental impacts of the production, this book presents a multiscale simulation approach for battery production systems along with a software environment and an application procedure.

    Battery systems are among the most important technologies of the 21st century since they are enablers for the market success of electric vehicles and stationary energy storage solutions. However, the performance of batteries so far has limited possible applications. Addressing this challenge requires an interdisciplinary understanding of dynamic cause-effect relationships between processes, equipment, materials, and environmental conditions.
    The approach in this book supports the integrated evaluation of improvement measures and is usable for different planning horizons. It is applied to an exemplary battery cell production and module assembly in order to demonstrate the effectiveness and potential benefits of the simulation.

  • Hardware IP security and trust / Prabhat Mishra, Swarup Bhunia, Mark Tehranipoor, editors

    This book provides an overview of current Intellectual Property (IP) based System-on-Chip (SoC) design methodology and highlights how security of IP can be compromised at various stages in the overall SoC design-fabrication-deployment cycle. Readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the security vulnerabilities of different types of IPs. This book would enable readers to overcome these vulnerabilities through an efficient combination of proactive countermeasures and design-for-security solutions, as well as a wide variety of IP security and trust assessment and validation techniques. This book serves as a single-source of reference for system designers and practitioners for designing secure, reliable and trustworthy SoCs.

  • Advanced finite element simulation with MSC Marc : application of user subroutines / Zia Javanbakht, Andreas Öchsner

    This book offers an in-depth insight into the general-purpose finite element program MSC Marc, which is distributed by MSC Software Corporation. It is a specialized program for nonlinear problems (implicit solver) which is common in academia and industry. The primary goal of this book is to provide a comprehensive introduction to a special feature of this software: the user can write user-subroutines in the programming language Fortran, which is the language of all classical finite element packages. This subroutine feature allows the user to replace certain modules of the core code and to implement new features such as constitutive laws or new elements. Thus, the functionality of commercial codes ('black box') can easily be extended by linking user written code to the main core of the program. This feature allows to take advantage of a commercial software package with the flexibility of a 'semi-open' code. 

  • Wireless power transfer and data communication for neural implants : case study : epilepsy monitoring / Gürkan Yılmaz, Catherine Dehollain

    This book presents new circuits and systems for implantable biomedical applications targeting neural recording. The authors describe a system design adapted to conform to the requirements of an epilepsy monitoring system. Throughout the book, these requirements are reflected in terms of implant size, power consumption, and data rate. In addition to theoretical background which explains the relevant technical challenges, the authors provide practical, step-by-step solutions to these problems. Readers will gain understanding of the numerical values in such a system, enabling projections for feasibility of new projects.

  • New perspectives on food blanching / Felipe Richter Reis, editor

    This book provides information on the advances in blanching and its effect on food. The author presents the concepts involved in old and novel blanching processes, the typical effects of blanching and the studies on novel blanching technologies.

  • Microscale soft robotics : motivations, progress, and outlook / Jaeyoun (Jay) Kim

  • Smart structures and materials : selected papers from the 7th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials / Aurelio L. Araujo, Carlos A. Mota Soares, editors

  • Intelligent network integration of distributed renewable generation / Nadarajah Mithulananthan, Duong Quoc Hung, Kwang Y. Lee

    This book introduces several simple analytical approaches to aid the seamless integration of renewable distributed generation. It focuses on the idea of intelligent integration, which involves locating and developing suitable operational characteristics of renewable distributed generation. After reviewing the options available, the best location should be chosen, an appropriately sized operation should be installed and the most suitable operational characteristics should be adopted. Presenting these simple analytical approaches, their step-by-step implementation and a number of cases studies using test distribution systems, the book clearly demonstrates the technical, economic and environmental benefits of intelligent integration.

  • Advances in information and communication technology : proceeding of the International Conference, ICTA 2016 / Masato Akagi [and 4 others], editors

  • Variable Structure Control of Complex Systems : Analysis and Design / Xing-Gang Yan, Sarah K. Spurgeon, Christopher Edwards

    This book systematizes recent research work on variable-structure control. It is self-contained, presenting necessary mathematical preliminaries so that the theoretical developments can be easily understood by a broad readership.

    The text begins with an introduction to the fundamental ideas of variable-structure control pertinent to their application in complex nonlinear systems. In the core of the book, the authors lay out an approach, suitable for a large class of systems, that deals with system uncertainties with nonlinear bounds. Its treatment of complex systems in which limited measurement information is available makes the results developed convenient to implement. Various case-study applications are described, from aerospace, through power systems to river pollution control with supporting simulations to aid the transition from mathematical theory to engineering practicalities.

    The book addresses systems with nonlinearities, time delays and interconnections and considers issues such as stabilization, observer design, and fault detection and isolation. It makes extensive use of numerical and practical examples to render its ideas more readily absorbed.

    Variable-Structure Control of Complex Systems will be of interest to academic researchers studying control theory and its application in nonlinear, time-delayed an modular large-scale systems; the robustness of its approach will also be attractive to control engineers working in industries associate with aerospace, electrical and mechanical engineering.
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