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U/V - Military/Naval Science - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Military or Naval Science that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 90 days.

  • Peter von Zahn's Cold War broadcasts to West Germany : assessing America / Eli Nathans

  • America, Britain and Pakistan's nuclear weapons programme, 1974-1980 : a dream of nightmare proportions / Malcolm M. Craig

  • Handbook of military psychology : clinical and organizational practice / editors, Stephen V. Bowles, Paul T. Bartone

  • C2 re-envisioned : the future of the enterprise / Marius S. Vassiliou, David S. Alberts, Jonathan Russell Agre
    UB212 .V38 2015

    Command and Control (C2) is the set of organizational and technical attributes and processes by which an enterprise marshals and employs human, physical, and information resources to solve problems and accomplish missions.C2 Re-envisioned: The Future of the Enterprise identifies four interrelated megatrends that are individually and collectively shaping the state of the art and practice of C2 as well as the mission challenges we face.

    These megatrends the book examines are:

    Big Problems--manifested in part as increasing complexity of both endeavors and enterprises, as military establishments form coalitions with each other, and partnerships with various civilian agencies and non-governmental organizations Robustly Networked Environments--enabled by the extremely broad availability of advanced information and communications technologies (ICT) that place unprecedented powers of information creation, processing, and distribution in the hands of almost anyone who wants them--friend and foe alike Ubiquitous Data--the unprecedented volumes of raw and processed information with which human actors and C2 systems must contend Organizational alternatives--as decentralized, net-enabled approaches to C2 have been made more feasible by technology.

    The book analyzes historical examples and experimental evidence to determine the critical factors that make C2 go wrong and how to get it right. Successful enterprises in the future will be those that can reconfigure their approaches in an agile manner. Offering fresh perspectives on this subject of critical importance, this book provides the understanding you will need to choose your organizational approaches to suit the mission and the conditions at hand.

  • Maritime technology and engineering : proceedings of MARTECH 2014, 2nd International Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal, 15-17 October 2014 / editors, C. Guedes Soares, Centre for Marine Technology and Engineering (CENTEC), Instituto Superior T?cnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, T.A. Santos, Ordem dos Engenheiros, Portugal
    VM600 .I58 2014

  • Maritime-port technology and development : proceedings of the Conference on Maritime-Port Technology (MTEC 2014), Trondheim, Norway, 27-29 October 2014 / editors, S?ren Ehlers & Bj?rn Egil Asbj?rnslett, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway, ?rnulf Jan R?dseth & Tor Einar Berg, Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK), Trondheim, Norway
    VM600 .C66 2014

  • The price of alliance : the politics and procurement of Leopard tanks for Canada's NATO brigade / Frank Maas
    UC 265 C3 M37 2017

    The first major reappraisal of Pierre Trudeau's controversial defence policy, The Price of Alliance uses the 1976 procurement of Leopard tanks for Canada's troops in Europe to shed light on Canada's relationship with NATO. After six years of pressure from Canada's allies, Trudeau was convinced that Canadian tanks in Europe were necessary to support foreign policy objectives, and the tanks symbolized an increased Canadian commitment to NATO. Drawing on interviews and records from Canada, NATO, the United States, and Germany, Frank Maas addresses the problems of defence policymaking within a multi-country alliance and the opportunities and difficulties of Canadian defence procurement.

  • Rome from the late Republic to the late Empire / edited by Philip Sabin, Hans van Wees, Michael Whitby
    U 35 R66 2007eb

  • Greece, the Hellenistic world and the rise of Rome / edited by Philip Sabin, Hans van Wees, Michael Whitby
    U 33 G74 2007eb

  • Keeping the edge : managing defense for the future / Ashton B. Carter and John P. White, editors
    UA 23 K3847 2001

    Most national security debates concern the outcomes of policies, neglecting the means by which those policies are implemented. This book argues that although the US military is the finest fighting force in the world, the system that supports it is in disrepair. Operating with Cold War-era structures and practices, it is subject to managerial and organizational problems that increasingly threaten our military's effectiveness.Keeping the Edge goes beyond questions of Pentagon reorganization and weapons procurement to explore how the US defense establishment can improve its readiness, logistics, and ability to attract and retain qualified personnel. It also looks at how the US military can exploit information technology more effectively, improve its intelligence, and counter asymmetric threats. More comprehensive than the usual exhortation to cut waste, fraud, and abuse at the Pentagon, the book in fact recommends changes in many government agencies, not just the Department of Defense. It shows how the US can improve its ability to implement its policies and to anticipate and adapt to a changing and uncertain world.

  • Strategy and politics / Colin S. Gray
    U 21.2 G6727 2016

    This book examines the subject of strategy and its relationship with politics.

    Despite the fact that strategy is always the product of political process, the relationship between the two concepts and their ancillary activities has scarcely been touched by scholars. This book corrects that serious deficiency, and explains the high relevance of political factors for matters of general defence. Each chapter aims to show how and why strategy and politics interact and how this interaction has had significant consequences historically. Neither strategy nor politics can make sense if considered alone. Strategy requires direction that can only be provided by political process, while politics cannot be implemented without strategy.

    In summary, this volume will explain:

    what strategy is (and is not) why strategy is essential what strategy does and how it does it how strategy is made and executed

    Written by a leading scholar and former practitioner, this book will be essential reading for all students of military strategy, strategic studies, security studies and war and conflict studies.

  • Women and the French Army during the World Wars, 1914-1940 / Andrew Orr
    UB 419 F8 O77 2017

    How did women contribute to the French Army in the World Wars? Drawing on myriad sources, historian Andrew Orr examines the roles and value of the many French women who have been overlooked by historians--those who worked as civilians supporting the military. During the First World War, most officers expected that the end of the war would see a return to prewar conditions, so they tolerated women in supporting roles. But soon after the November 1918 armistice, the French Army fired more than half its female employees. Demobilization created unexpected administrative demands that led to the next rehiring of many women. The army's female workforce grew slowly and unevenly until 1938 when preparations for war led to another hiring wave; however, officers resisted all efforts to allow women to enlist as soldiers and alternately opposed and ignored proposals to recognize them as long-term employees. Orr's work offers a critical look at the indispensable wartime roles filled by women behind the lines.

  • The nature of peace and the morality of armed conflict / Florian Demont-Biaggi, editor

  • Public control of armed forces in the Russian Federation / Nadja Douglas

  • Cybernetics, warfare and discourse : the cybernetisation of warfare in Britain / Anthimos Alexandros Tsirigotis

  • Drone : remote control warfare / Hugh Gusterson
    UG 1242 D7G88 2015eb

  • Contemporary just war : theory and practice / Tamar Meisels
    U 22 M44 2018

    This book offers a renewed defense of traditional just war theory and considers its application to certain contemporary cases, particularly in the Middle East.

    The first part of the book addresses and responds to the central theoretical criticisms levelled at traditional just war theory. It offers a detailed defense of civilian immunity, the moral equality of soldiers and the related dichotomy between jus ad bellum and jus in bello, and argues that these principles taken together amount to a morally coherent ethics of war. In this sense this project is traditional (or #65533;orthodox#65533;). In another sense, however, it is highly relevant to the modern world. While the first part of the book defends the just war tradition against its revisionist critics, the second part applies it to an array of timely issues: civil war, economic warfare, excessive harm to civilians, pre-emptive military strikes, and state-sponsored assassination, which require applying just war theory in practice. This book sets out to reaffirm the basic tenets of the traditional ethics of war and to lend them further moral support, subsequently applying them to a variety of practical issues.

    This book will be of great interest to students of just war theory, ethics, security studies, war and conflict studies, and IR in general.

  • Jane Austen's transatlantic sister : the life and letters of Fanny Palmer Austen / Sheila Johnson Kindred
    V 737 K56 2017
    In 1807, genteel, Bermuda-born Fanny Palmer (1789-1814) married Jane Austen's youngest brother, Captain Charles Austen, and was thrust into a demanding life within the world of the British navy. Experiencing adventure and adversity in wartime conditions both at sea and onshore, the spirited and resilient Fanny travelled between and lived in Bermuda, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and England. After crossing the Atlantic in 1811, she ingeniously made a home for Charles and their daughters aboard a working naval vessel, and developed a supportive friendship with his sister, Jane. In Jane Austen's Transatlantic Sister, Fanny's articulate and informative letters - transcribed in full for the first time and situated in their meticulously researched historical context - disclose her quest for personal identity and autonomy, her maturation as a wife and mother, and the domestic, cultural, and social milieu she inhabited. Sheila Johnson Kindred also investigates how Fanny was a source of naval knowledge for Jane, and how much she was an inspiration for Austen's literary invention, especially for the female naval characters in Persuasion. Although she died young, Fanny's story is a compelling record of female naval life that contributes significantly to our limited knowledge of women's roles in the Napoleonic Wars. Enhanced by rarely seen illustrations, Fanny's life story is a rich new source for Jane Austen scholars and fans of her fiction as well as for those interested in biography, women's letters, and history of the family.
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